Women Genetically Programmed To Cheat... And Why We Need The Game

A couple of new studies hit the stands that support the fact that while men are programmed to spread our DNA, women are programmed to cheat. This coincides with the findings from the number of fathers who are NOT biologically related to their child (much to their surprise), but also that wives are now JUST AS LIKELY to cheat as husbands.

Game is vital to any man, whether tagging attractive women as much as you can or if on the search for a long term relationship. In fact, it's especially important for the man that wants a long term relationship with the future mother of his children. Beyond the fact that having Game will allow you to meet, pursue and win that woman (see my post on
Why We Are In The Game), it also allows you maintain that relationship.

First, she understands that you are a prize. You are something both worth pursuing and maintaining. She'll never get another man better than you. Period. You are not a supplicating cuckold, you love the woman, but you have options in case shit goes down. The women in the study were more likely to cheat if their partner was less attractive or not sexually active enough. And as we should I know by now, physical attraction is simply ONE aspect of the overall concept of attraction. There are multiple attraction switches in women that need to be triggered in order to create attraction as well as re-triggered in order to maintain that "chemistry."

Second, you can gauge her interest level. Just because you're married or in a long term relationship doesn't mean that she stops giving you SIGNALS. You'll see the warning signs beforehand unless your skills have atrophied to the point where you might as well have your bait n' tackle amputated.

And finally, you simply UNDERSTAND women, men, and how attraction (whether it's creating it or maintaining) plays a part in any relationship, from one night stands to marriage. If she's always dressed to the nines, working out, and horny while you've turned into a fat, unemployed, undersexed slob... yeah, it doesn't take a genius to figure that the attraction and sexual tension in that relationship has gone out the door.

Not to mention that if you DO see those warning signs, you KNOW what to do about it. Get her pumped up and re-attracted and enjoy those same feelings of a whirlwind, tempestous romance with booty-on-the-wall-thug-lovin'.

A couple of excerpts from the

"...says women have evolved to cheat on their mates during the most fertile part of their cycle, but only when those mates are less sexually attractive than other men.
"We're claiming the desire to cheat is what evolved in women, that they may notice they have these desires at a certain point in their cycle," said Elizabeth Pillsworth, co-author of the study and an assistant professor of communication and psychology at UCLA. "Whether they translate into unfaithful behaviors is a matter of their own choosing. Cheating is a choice."
"The exception was women who have very sexually attractive partners," Pillsworth said. "These women did not flirt with other men when they were at high fertility."