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With Your Help, I'm Finally Exposing the AMWW Dating Myth!

[UPDATE: This blog is no longer being updated. For the very best and very latest in my continuing (mis)adventures, techniques, results, and pictures, please go to my ABCs of Attraction Blog! Thanks and I'll see you on the other side! - JT]

Help Me Expose the AMWW Myth By Voting at this Year's Australian PUA Summit Awards!

Do you guys like the new Asian Playboy PUA Blog? Nifty huh? More on that later as I'm currently at our sold out Toronto bootcamp and need to start getting ready.

So here I am taking a quick break from my Pickup World Tour (next week is Sydney's sold out bootcamp) to give you an update on what's been going on in the ABCs of Attraction world.

Those of you who have been with us for a while know that 2010 has been a MILESTONE year for our company. Things kicked off when I was voted as one of the TOP 10 PICKUP ARTISTS IN THE WORLD on ThunderCats list - the SAME prestigious list that Neil Strauss mentions in The Game.

After a whirlwind tour around the globe including several interviews from Asian media outlets to mainstream ones, I was thrilled to be voted TOP ASIAN PICKUP ARTIST IN THE WORLD for the fourth consecutive year at the PUA Summit - the largest annual gathering in the community. But more than that, ABCs master instructor Gareth Jones was also voted in as BEST NEW PICKUP ARTIST of 2010!

To thank you for your incredible support this year, I want to offer all the members of my ABCs of Attraction newsletter a FREE GIFT.

Something that will really blow you away.

But first, a small request...

The Australian PUA Awards are taking place next week and we would love your help to make the ABCs of Attraction No. 1 again!

If you have about 5 free seconds, you can make that happen! Simply visit http://attractionmasterclasstour.com/pua-awards, REGISTER, and then cast your vote for Asian Playboy and ABCs of Attraction in any of the listed categories.
  • Best Asian Pick Up Artist - The Asian Playboy
  • Best Pick Up Artist Bootcamp - ABCs of Attraction
  • Best PUA Company! - ABCs of Attraction
  • Best Openers & Routines - Asian Playboy / Gareth Jones
Muchas Gracias to all of you for your help.

And as I mentioned before, I want to thank you with this little treat, my new Advanced Audio Training Guide CD... FOR FREE!

This 3 chapter audio download is over 60 minutes long and completely packed with my BEST material on:
  • Interracial Dating
  • Inner Game
  • Approaching
  • Fashion
  • And more!


Be awesome by subscribing in the newsletter subscription box to the right and get your hands on $147 worth of awesome content! Just type in your NAME and EMAIL to learn how you can help ME expose the MYTH surrounding Asian Men and White Women!

Now, if that wasn't incentive enough... I am going to throw one more MAJOR surprise into the ring.

If either myself or the ABCs of Attraction wins in just ONE of these categories, I am willing release my new INTERACIAL DATING MASTER CLASS VIDEO ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Just vote for us in either of these categories:
  • Best Asian Pick Up Artist - The Asian Playboy
  • Best Pick Up Artist Bootcamp - ABCs of Attraction
  • Best PUA Company! - ABCs of Attraction
  • Best Openers & Routines - Asian Playboy / Gareth Jones
After putting this product together, my marketing team advised me to put it at a price point of between $150-$200, which is really a bargain for this kind of product.

But I feel so enthusiastic about the support we have received this year, I would be COMPLETELY SATISFIED to give this 1-hour video away at no cost.

So let's get out there and make this happen!

Here's the link again: http://attractionmasterclasstour.com/pua-awards (remember, you have to register to vote!
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Anonymous Ra said...

Nice to see you expose the myth about Asian men not being able to date white women. I think there are still some barriers there but not as bad as guys think. Of course there's always room for improvement.

BTW - like the pic of you literally "picking up" a white chick :-)

11/21/2010 6:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous read more said...

Excellent resource! Thanks for all of the great lists. Very informative.

3/14/2013 12:16 AM

Anonymous Jimmie Garwin said...

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Blogger priyanka dabral said...

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