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J The Ripper Podcast: Asian Playboy & Gareth Jones

[UPDATE: This blog is no longer being updated. For the very best and very latest in my continuing (mis)adventures, techniques, results, and pictures, please go to my ABCs of Attraction Blog! Thanks and I'll see you on the other side! - JT]

J The Ripper Show w/ Decibel and Steamroller #34!


  1. Asian Playboy
  2. Gigsaw
  3. Gareth Jones
  4. El Topo
  5. Whisper (CC China)

  • Asian Playboy and Gareth discuss PUA Summit/KTLA and Euro Shenanigans
  • APB's sweet, young 19 yr old model girlfriend from the UK! "You Kids Wear Me Out!"
  • Gigsaw gets advice from Gareth Jones
  • Gareth's Filthy Bathroom Ass Crack Cocaine Close (he has been clean now for a long time)
  • Decibel kisses a Jew
  • Steamroller has a baby?
  • El Topo Hated Being at PUA Summit
  • Johnny Wolf Creeps Out El Topo and his orgy friends
  • Unconsensual Shower Sex...(we'll leave it at that!)
  • Whisper Talks About Pick Up In China
  • Megatrons Vanguard Party Memories, Doing the worm.
  • Whisper ruffles Decibels feathers, things get tense.
  • Whisper pisses off alot of people, he rants on who he doesnt like.

All this and much much more!

There were some laugh track errors, some got pushed out a few seconds
before they were supposed to, so they will seem odd and misplaced...

Its a long ass show, over an hour and 30 min.


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Anonymous Flirt Master said...

Quite the show. Sure you aren't going to say anymore about the shower sex thing?...

11/21/2010 6:58 AM

Anonymous flirting techniques guru said...

dam, wanted to see some picture of JT's 19 year old gf. Yes, yes, i'm a pervert :-)

10/08/2011 11:43 PM

Anonymous Asian Dating said...

Wow, is there a chance to see her girlfriend pictures? I think that would be great. LOL.

12/06/2011 5:41 PM


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