12 Weeks of Fury: MASSIVE Evolution in 3 Months!


However, our programs are still the same, and the 12 Weeks of Fury is no different!

12 Weeks of one-on-one training. Our most comprehensive and inexpensive program is BACK with over 100 hours of training for $35/hr! A 3-day/3-night intensive bootcamp with 12 Weeks of one-on-one training focusing on every single aspect of seduction that exists!

Phone game? Text Game? Day Game? Direct Game? Check! The best part is that it's completely customizable to suit your learning needs!

Here's what Synthetic had to say about the program:
"I love it. I love the price, the personal attention and quite frankly, I am honored to be one of the first graduates of this program. The camaraderie is amazing. These guys are not just PUAs who want your money (heh, somebody comes to mind and they know who I'm talking about), they are your mentors, your brothers and even life long people you want to befriend."

You can't make that stuff up! I mean, I could, but what would be the point?

We've also worked with tons of satisfied students that we've guided to the next level. Between myself, Kevin Feng, and Gareth Jones, we have close to 10 YEARS OF PICK UP EXPERIENCE TO POUR DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAIN!!!

Hear what they have to say:

"I'll start by saying that both coaches know [their] stuff, they truly are overqualified to teach us humble mortals the fine arts of seduction."
-Reminisce, Sydney, July '10

"...If you're not seeing results in your game, I highly suggest taking their course. They don't charge an arm and a leg and provide some truly fantastic and easy to follow pickup advice."
-G-Dog, Los Angeles, May '10

"Overall, I had an awesome time! I am 1000% better in interaction from the day I started the bootcamp. As an instructor, Gareth is very passionate. He has complete mastery of the materials. .... Gareth, you are awesome!"
-Achilles, Los Angeles, July '10

"JT is just as human (and asian!) as anyone i've ever met, the only difference is this guy has loads of game and experience..."
-Radiant, London, April '10

Those are the words of the experienced! Our 12 Weeks of Fury program gives you access to the HUGE wealth of information stored within the ABCs of Attraction staff including a full bootcamp, 12 four-hour sessions with your own, personal coach, and five sessions with myself covering a huge gamut of topics guaranteed to leave you stuffed with enough information to make Casanova himself nervous!

Let's make the decision to change our lives now, while there's still time! Head over to http://12weeksoffury.eventbrite.com/ for a complete, in-depth description of the program and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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