Asian Man Gets First Girlfriend & Loses His Virginity Party!

"Some of the best friends I've ever met in my life are ABCs of Attraction Alumni." - William (Better Asian Man and NYC Instructor)

The ABCs is not an assembly line where you're placed into a cookie cutter, processed into the same shape as the guy next to you, and then spit out of the factory to make room for the next guy. We understand that taking your game to the next level takes time, dedication, and more importantly-- support. Each man must find his own path and his own destiny, but the process of discovering that destiny-- the one that is unique only to you-- requires support from others.

Maybe your parents encouraged you to pursue lofty career goals rather than pursuing your basic needs in romance. Maybe your friends like you as being the loser of the group-- the guy who never gets laid. Maybe you bought into those ideas and conditioned yourself to first believe them, and second to embody them through your actions.

Whatever the case may be, such habits are developed over time, and thus can only be destroyed with time and the support of your brothers.

So this weekend, the New York City ABCs Chapter is throwing a party for one of their own who finally got his FIRST GIRLFRIEND and lost his virginity! Congratulations bro!

Long story short, shortly after his bootcamp, the student used the principals he learned from the ABCs of Attraction program:
  1. Picked up a girl during the DAY TIME
  2. Started dating her
  3. Made her his girlfriend
  4. And had his first bout of awesome, sweaty, awkward sex!
Congratulations! Join William this Saturday at 7pm at Grand Sichuan on 23 Saint Marks Place!

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