Let Starcraft 2 Get You Laid

En Taro Adun!

Seeing as we are the premiere dating company for Asians, you knew this would inevitably come up in the headlines.

Perhaps it's a little bit of Michael Moore syndrome (it probably is) but..... as pick up instructor, having worked with thousands of men (over 50% being Asian), sometimes I wonder if there's a giant conspiracy to keep Asian men suppressed.

If you're a fan of the Better Asian Man or even Angry Asian Man, you're pointing your finger at the media. You're pointing your finger at the media for releasing clowns like William Hung and Amy Tan, or just not portraying Asian men in a very masculine/dominant fashion.

While it sucks that by common social stigma that Asian guys just aren't that cool, quite frankly, there really isn't much we can do in the immediate future to change that, such macroscopic change is just not in our control, deal with it!

That being said, there definitely is something you can do, starting now.........

I haven't been keeping detailed track, but I always ask in a reluctant tone of voice at the start of all my programs: "Who here plays World of Warcraft" and I kid you not, half the hands go straight up and I'm willing to bet that plenty of the guys are just too afraid to admit to it.

I read a stat on ChaCha a while ago stating that at its peak, WOW had over 9 million subscribers, 30% of which were Asians in North America, there are roughly 11 million Asians in U.S, half of which are female, and according to he U.S census, 69.7% of Asian men under 30 are single. Anyways, we all know that correlation doesn't equal causation, but I think we all intuitively know that WOW certainly isn't helping Asian guys in the dating world.

Thanks for keeping the Asian man down, Blizzard Entertainment ;)

But before I call myself a hypocrite here, I too, used to be a huge fan of blizzard and like just about every Asian out there, Starcraft ate up most of my youth, BUT, at the very least bit, I put that behind me and haven't touched it ever since I got into Pick Up.

So while, I'm not pointing my finger at every guy out there reading this newsletter, I know a good handful of you are stuck in the perpetual drug addictions known as MMORPG & RTS.

I've created a little challenge for all of you, this coming July 27th (The Launch Date of Starcraft 2), we'll actually BE at the official launch in San Francisco (one of our fans, who is a highly placed and influential Asian client, is DONATING A $25,000 TABLE to us for this noble cause).

Instead of shelling out your weekend, waiting outside of EB for your collector's edition of Starcraft 2 and weeding yourself out of the gene pool like every other gaming nerd, let's try something productive for our social lives and creating POSITIVE MALE ASIAN ROLE MODELS.

I, myself, The Asian Playboy, will be hosting a Special Bootcamp in the Bay area for those men that ACTUALLY want to change themselves, what better way than to turn down the next big Asian epidemic?

I URGE you, nay, I BEG you, put down that Starcraft 2 box!

Walk away and join Kevin Feng and I in putting our "En Taro" in HER "Adun."

See you all in San Fran for the PUA-ling rush!

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