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One of the most CRUCIAL elements in pickup is the ability to do proper day game.

While club game is essentially the focus of most pickup companies, day game has its own rewards, and they are MASSIVE.

To give you some insight into what it takes to conduct proper day game, along with some REAL LIFE examples and routines, is my good friend Alex Coulson of

Alex will talk a bit about the benefits of knowing day game and give some insight on how to approach during the day without coming off as creepy.

And for all you lucky readers, he will also reveal the secret of the GAY SHIRT, my personal favorite part of the video.


If you like what you see, or are interested in learning more about day game, don’t forget that we have RENOWNED day game seminars and in-field training at DRASTICALLY reduced rates compared to our regular bootcamps in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles!

Our two-day programs are a crash course in day game, where our instructors give you DETAILED directions on the elements of successful daytime pickup, including:
  1. How to maintain a daytime energy level
  2. The secret to opening in a crowded place
  3. Daytime kino escalation
  4. How to insta-date
  5. The easiest places for successful pickup
And much, much more…..

And as always, we provide FULL ROUTINES for day game success, so you will never be at a loss for words.

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