ABCs of Day Game Video

How is day game different from night game?

Why is it that night time pickup techniques just don’t seem to connect during the day?

How do you open a set during the day without seeming awkward?

Want the answers to these questions? Read on.

The ABCs of Attraction have released yet another earthshaking FREE video to help out all the brothers who prefer to meet women during the day.

In this video, ABCs' certified instructor William (a.k.a. Man Cannon) from Better Asian Man demonstrates:
and, most importantly:
(If you understand this last part, day game will be MUCH EASIER)

Be sure to watch until the end of video when William reveals how he F-closed a girl at the supermarket in front of her mother AND sister!

Johnny Wolf also talks about how Day Game and Social Circle Game supplements your overall advancement!

This footage is taken DIRECTLY from one of our Sydney Special Bootcamps, and has the same kind of content most companies would CHARGE MONEY for. So DON’T skip this video!!

If you like what you see, and want to get the EDGE on day game, sign up for one of our private Day Game Workshops w/ in-field instruction for an unbeatable price.

Remember, some of the most beautiful women out there don’t go to night clubs, so day game may be your only chance to hook up with them.

Our Day Game Workshops are chock-full of information and drills that will skyrocket your confidence before we take you into the streets and put your knowledge to work. We have monthly programs in the following cities:
Or inquire as to the next availability!

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to EMPOWER YOURSELF!

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