PODCAST: J The Ripper Show Feat. Asian Playboy

Here's an exclusive podcast I did with J the Ripper from the Casanova Crew. We talk about myself, my students, and where I see myself in the future. And an exclusive EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END!

A must have on your playlist!

The Ripper Show Episode #7 "The Blowouts Show"

Stream here http://www.jtheripper.com

or download here:

  1. Newbie calls a number he closed for the first time on the show!
  2. Hydro vs. Zar (former CC mod): Thier feud explained and we hook them up on the phone for "Squash the BEEF!" Cant miss this, first time they speak in a year.
  3. "Design" the Korean PUA shares how to get a blowjob using serial killer game!
  4. Getting his dick sucked by a stranger in the trunk of his car!
  5. Cannibal/Jeffrey Dahmer game strategies.
  6. Dexter~ joins the show!
  7. Asian Playboy joins the show and talks about:

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