How to Get a Date for Valentine's Day by Johnny Wolf PUA (2010)

Do you have a date for Valentine's Day? Or are you another in a long line of the love forlorn?

Well guys, it’s only a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day and if you don’t have a girl in your life yet, or if you simply want an upgrade, take my challenge and you WILL get an awesome girl by Valentine's day GUARANTEED.

If you follow my rules I guarantee that you’ll have a date by v-day. I know this because this is the fourth year this challenge has been going on and everyone who has done it has gotten good results.

It’ll be fun, easy, and remarkably successful. Last year when I first posted this challenge on my blog we had a ton of guys commenting saying they got successes from it, one guy even had too many dates for a single day so he had to do a Valentine's Eve date, a V-Day lunch date and a V-Day dinner date.

How To Get Started...

Go to the forums to see the full thread:

Today: Go to Rite Aid, Sav-On, Walmart, Target, or any other big store and buy three boxes of cheap valentine day cards. They come in 32 packs and are about $3 per box, making each card less than 10 cents.

Remember giving these out in elementry school? You had to give one to each person in your class or none at all? These are it! And remember the funnier, sillier and cheezier the better.

Hint: These are not in the greeting card aisle, they are in the toy aisle. Do not spend $2 a card in the greeting aisle, you want the cheap, silly ones.

Warning: Do not get ones that say "I love you" or anything serious, remember, sillier the better. Here are some examples of good ones.

What To Do Starting Tomorrow:

You have a couple different options when it comes to what to write on the cards. I've tried it different ways with various results, but at the end of the day, every way works it just depends on how comfortable you are at following up the conversation. I suggest picking the one you are most comfortable with.

What To Write On The Card:

You can either pre-write these or you can carry and pen and write them on the spot in front of her. The good thing about pre-writing is that often you'll be passing the girl and you will not have time to write, however, there is a spontaneous, genuine factor with writing the card in the view of the girl and then approaching with it. I suggest doing a mixture of all three techniques to see what works best for you in your situation.

Option #1: Write your name and contact info on the cards. You can put down your email, phone number or both.

This one is good if you are very shy and do not have good follow up conversation and phone closing skills. This one takes the most amount of time to write, and you cannot expect most girls from following up. However, I have had PUAs do this in the past with success. Because it's close to valentine's day and every girl wants to be with someone, there is a higher chance they
will call or email.

Option #2: Write a little note saying “I thought you were cute” or “Coffee?”

This works best on the spot, carry a pen with you and write it on the spot. Works well if the girl is sitting at a table near you either eating, or studying.

Option #3: Leave it blank. And stay and chat with her.

This is the option I usually do. I'll just walk up to the girl with it blank, chat her up and she'll usually ask me why it's blank, or i'll suggest filling it out. It's a good way to transition to a number close since I'll tell her she needs to give me one as well, on a piece of blank paper or napkin usually.

Important Note:

Carry them around with you at ALL times. A minimum of 10, put some in your car, your wallet, jacket and pants pockets. You'll never know when you'll walk by a cute girl that you'll want to give it to.

Trust me, the most random times are the best, so keep them on you at all times even if you're just going to the grocery store or walking your dog.

For The Next 14 Days:

Your goal is to give out eight cards a day for the next 14 days, assuming you start February 1st. If you do it correctly, you'll have approached one hundred and twelve girls some of which you will have asked out on a date and have your phone number.

When was the last time you were able to give our your number to over one hundred girls in two weeks?

Who To Give It To:

Any attractive woman you see, ANYWHERE. Because it is such an easy little gimmick, you can give it to women you pass by on the street, in elevators, at restaurants, in the mall, and of course night clubs and bars.

I've given it to the girl at the drive through window, the hostess at a restaurant and girls at the next table while we were eating and random girls on the street and in the elevator.

What To Say To The Girl:

“Hi, I wanted to give you a valentine’s day card”
“Hi, I know I don’t know you yet, but here.”
“I just had to give this to you”
“Will you be my valentine?”

Or if you’re really shy, just go up say hi, hand it to her and walk away.

What I normally do is just go up to a girl, smile, hand her the card and say this is for you. Then I just shut up, and wait for her to say something. Or other times I'll open as normal and after a few minutes I'll tell her I have a present for her and give her a card. Either way it works FANTASTICALLY, this is the easiest gimmick opener EVER.

Field Tested:

Do you think I would really send you out as sheeps among wolves? Well, maybe.

But I loved this idea so much that I’ve been personally been using every year since 2006. I've had great success with it last year, as well as my personal friends and tons of guys in the pick up community.

What To Do If The Girl Is A Bitch:

If a girl calls you out on it, just admit to it, and say, “Is it really so fucking wrong to want a date on valentine’s day?” And either let her apologize and keep talking to her, or next her. You have 112 opportunities in the next 14 days. Make the most of it.

More Help:

If you need more help, take a bootcamp.

This challenge is seriously as easy as it'll ever get, so if you don't have at least a few dates by valentine's day or if you have trouble approaching, number closing, and getting dates using this method, then there is probably something else wrong with your game that you'll need calibrating with.

For those who don't know, a bootcamp is a three day small group private workshop where the instructor helps you with your strong points and helps you work on your weaknesses. Common exercises include fixing body language, teaching you how to project your voice, make proper eye contact, and when and how to properly touch the girl.

Other exercises include what to say when approaching a girl, what to do if there are guys in the group, and where to take it from there. On all three nights (for Special Bootcamps, the Certified Bootcamps are slightly different) we go out to a bar or a club to practice what you've learned, then we go over your successes as well as figure out what you need to improve on. If anyone is interested I'll be teaching a three day bootcamp next month, you can get more details on the right hand side of my blog.

This is your life, seize the day, and don't put off happiness, sex, and love for another year.

Upcoming bootcamps taught by Johnny Wolf:

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Where: Las Vegas
When: Friday Saturday Sunday March 19th - 22nd 2010
How Much: This is my first EVER bootcamp starting at under $1,000! But only if you book early.
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Then come back everyday and report your results!

Good Luck!,
Johnny Wolf

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