A Master Class Promising to Turn Men into Lady Killers

Sydney, Australia, November/December 2009. This coming November & December the Australian PUA Community, will host the country’s biggest event on how to attract women, the “Australia Attraction Master Class Tour” featuring several of the world’s best Attraction Coaches and Pick Up Artists (PUAs) in action.

The event, aimed at turning its target audience -- 25-40 year-old young men -- into genuine lady killers, will take place in Sydney and Melbourne all day Saturday and Sunday

During a weekend extravaganza, the men of Australia will have the unique opportunity to hear about the “field” experience of the world’s leading dating, attraction and seduction experts. Super hot topics like singles’ secrets on how to start a conversation, to how to build attraction, close the deal and the ultimate tips to make a women want you will fill the program.

For the uninitiated, all these coaches and experts are man who strives for better romantic and sexual success with women through self-improvement. PUAs and their supporters form a subculture called the “Attraction Community.”

“The conference is going to be unprecedented and should really put the Australian attraction community on the map. Attraction coaching is a billion dollar industry in the U.S. and now Europe is catching on. For Australia, this is the first such event,” says Gary Goodbloke, Media Coordinator, Get Hitched.

This star-quality line up of international Guest Speakers, means Australian men will have a chance to undergo a life-changing transformation as the stars unveil their products and packages teaching men how to connect with beautiful women face-to face.

The International lineup of Speakers includes Vince Kelvin the world famous superstar Pick Up Artist, JT the Asian Playboy the Worlds #1 Dating Coach for Asian Men, Badboy Seduction Guide from Europe, Pickup Asia gives you the insights into Speed Seduction from Hong Kong and the charismatic Will H from the USA.

The website (www.attractionmasterclasstour.com) boasts several interesting video’s showing how men can approach women in every situation.

Join the Australian Attraction Community on Facebook on the “Attraction Master Class” Group.

Men looking to enhance their dating skills just before the festive season in 2009 are encouraged to take advantage of the unique event via www.social-e-ticket.com.au and Moshtix.

The Master Class will take the form of two conferences, the first in Melbourne on 21st and 22nd November 2009 and the second in Sydney on 5th and 6th December 2009.

For more information please go to the website: www.attractionmasterclasstour.com

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