ABCs of Attraction iPhone App Just Released!

At the ABCs of Attraction we always keep up to date with the latest pickup technologies to stay ahead of other seduction schools.

We are proud to announce the first ever PUA mobile application by a major seduction school, the “ABCs of Attraction” iPhone / iPod Touch application!

By a partnership with PUAS-Tech (, which was founded by an ABCs alumni, we are able to bring you this great iPhone / iPod Touch application.

Here are just some of the major features of this mobile application:

Here's a YouTube clip demonstrating the ABCs iPhone App:

Also since there are no production or distribution costs associated with iPhone / iPod Touch applications we are able to bring you ABCs media such as PUA Radio at an outstanding discount of 50% off in the in app store for this application!

So what are you waiting for, get the power of the ABCs of Attraction right in the palm of your hands today by visiting it’s listing at the Apple App Store!

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