12 Weeks of Fury Review by Same Night Lay Student

"I text her a message within 5 minutes, and I'm wondering do I pull her to the bathroom since she's about to leave. JT then proceeds to coach me on the spot (while the girl wasn't looking) and actually help me get the girl back to my place by amoging some other guys."
-Synthetic (Los Angeles)
The inaugural Starter bootcamp for the 12 Weeks of Fury Program kicked off to an AWESOME beginning with one of our very own Fury students pulling and successfully connecting with a woman on a romantic and sexual level.

This is a guy who got his first kiss at the age of 23 and has only been in the Community for a mere 3 MONTHS!!! Hey, if we can teach a guy like him to be successful, we can teach ANYONE.

Now before we dig into his review and story, let me give you a couple of quick updates.
We've also added some additional Q&A in the Frequently Asked Questions section:

Q: Is it appropriate for a beginner like me?
A: In our first, inaugrual 12 Weeks of Fury program, one of our students had been in the Community for only 3 months and who had his first kiss at the age of 23. If that doesn't qualify him as a beginner, then I don't know who does. And during the Fury Starter Bootcamp, he fully, romantically, and sexually connected with a woman on just the SECOND NIGHT OF BOOTCAMP. Trust us, we can help ANYONE and- yes- that includes YOU!

Q: How much pre-program preparation do I have to do?
A: The Pre-Program stuff is just like all the other pre-bootcamp homework. Basic, but thorough. It will take work, but nothing incredibly taxing.

Q: How does it work around the holiday season?
A: The advantage of the program is that the personal attention is catered in just that way, personally. We're not a huge corporation with big strict attendance policies; we can make anything work for anybody. That's our job.

Q: How much time per week do I have to devote to it? Normally I have only the weekends free. Will it consume my entire weekend, every weekend?
A: After the three-day bootcamp, there is a 2-1-2 training session schedule. It's explained very thoroughly on the event description page at http://12weeksoffury.eventbrite.com/ but the short answer is: You can devote as much time as you want to the program. This is YOUR life and YOUR desire to improve that we're working with. If you want to make the time to improve, then we can work with it. Both Gareth and APB sarged 4 to 6 nights a row back in basic training, but obviously most people cannot make that huge a time commitment. But that's why we're here, to accelerate your growth through all the growing pains so that you learn- and sarge- more efficiently.

Q: How can it be that it lasts so much longer than a bootcamp (12 weeks versus one weekend), but only costs about twice as much? Is the 12 weeks basically equivalent to three back-to-back bootcamps?
A: This is the pilot program which we've just started. The price is definitely going to go up in the future. But for right now, all those lucky students who decide to sign up, get the benefit of a reduced price while we work out the kinks that naturally comes with creating a new, customized training program. Also, Asian Playboy does not teach all the sessions. Refer to the 2-1-2 training sessions in the 12 Weeks of Fury course description to see the breakdown.

Enough with the nitty gritty of business, let's get down to the hot and heavy action from last week! I give you Synthetic's review of the 12 Weeks of Fury program and his lay report!
12 Weeks of Fury Review by Same Night Lay Student
by Synthetic

Review for ABCs of Attraction 12 Weeks of Fury with Asian Playboy (October 6 - October)

I will write this review as it pertains to my personal experience, thoughts and growth, and in the most honest way possible.

Background & Pre-Bootcamp:

I just recently turned 24, and quite frankly I sucked with girls (didn't date till I was 22 and I had the Asian Lemming syndrome, get a good job the girls will come) till about 2-3 months ago. As I’ve been told by others, I am a pretty good looking guy (5'10'' pardon the Asian genes, athletic, and a good smile), but my mental blockades and programming really prevented me from realizing any success with women.

I didn't get my first kiss till I was 23 (embarrassing I know).

I took a VA bootcamp around August 13. I didn't really begin pickup till that week before. I did well in the VA bootcamp, got number closes, some kisses on the cheek, and Matador was my teacher for the 3rd day personal training. I still had some rough edges to sand down.


JT - Also known as the Asian Playboy. JT was a really laid back guy for me (however, he was more strict with the other two applicants in the 12 weeks of fury). He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions regarding game. He also made numerous comments (how too much Buying Temperature (BT) on an Asian girl can make her feel uncomfortable while the same amount of BT is just fine for a Caucasian girl).

Gareth - JT's assistant for the program. Gareth is a very cool guy, he critiqued all aspects of my game. He found my weakness (story-telling) and worked to improve it. He is super savvy on fashion and told me what to wear and what not.

Gareth and JT taught me a lot about Body Positioning and how to really defend AMOGs.

Program itself:
The 12 weeks of fury program is a 3 month long program where it initially starts with a midweek boot camp and from there, your abilities are evaluated.

Midweek Boot Camp - 4 hours of class then a club of their choice
Day 1 - Approached around 20 sets, brought back 10 sets, bantered a bit. Was really having fun and got lost in the moment. Gareth then proceeded to yell at me and say go get number closes. I then proceed to get as many numbers in the last 20 minutes of closing. I get 2 numbers (trying to refind a girl in a club is quite tough)

Day 2 - This day was emphasizing on building a connection. Approached ~20 sets, locked in with a girl. She was pulled out by her friend. Then the girl who I got the SNL noticed me (I was dressed like the waiter and yes I got laid), I was not talking to her and her friend approached me to talk to her. I talk, dance and kino plow the crap out of her (thanks Matador). It's getting hot and heavy on the dance floor, we're making out. I get her number and she ejects from the dance floor. I text her a message within 5 minutes, and I'm wondering do I pull her to the bathroom since she's about to leave. JT then proceeds to coach me on the spot (while the girl wasn't looking) and actually help me get the girl back to my place by amoging some other guys.

Day 3 - This day was emphasizing on building connections and trying to kiss close. I was dead tired (I was up till 5am and I had to drive the girl back to her place). I approached a lot of sets, my dance game is pretty good, I get a few numbers from dancing and having fun and bantering. I pull 0 girls back to the table. JT proceeds to tell me you're having too much fun and got to really get back in track.

Note: Gareth proceeds to coach us on end of Night 1 and Night 3. Night 2 I was away so I don't know if he did. Gareth saw us on the floor, saw our weaknesses and strengths and evaluated it on the spot. Gareth did not wing us in, rather, he forced us to approach.

- Synthetic (Los Angeles)

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