Sydney, Australia Bootcamp Review Line Up

Instead of posting each review individually (our forums are literally overflowing with bootcamp reviews including myself, Johnny Wolf, William, Kevin Feng, etc), I thought I'd just round them up in one big line-up for your reading edification and basically to save time.

These are ALL the reviews from the Sydney bootcamps in July, including all positive and whatever negative comments, unedited and uncensored.

I take great pride in the fact that the ABCs of Attraction has more positive bootcamp reviews than programs held. We built our reputation of quality and integrity through word of mouth and the loyalty of people just like you.

Our upcoming and LAST Australian bootcamps are coming up to coincide the the Australian version of the PUA Summit, the Attraction Master Class!

My personal thanks to all of our awesome students who sent in their review. Now read on!

july 2009 SYDNEY bootcamp FR highlights (part 1/3)

I am a beginner so everything is new to me, some of the concepts the instructors spoke about, I wasn't familar with and it took some time to actually absorb the material. Even when you think you understand the theory, it is meaningless until you can actually execute it in field.

Sydney Bootcamp review-July 2009

Finally I have some time to write about my experiences on the Sydney boot camp. Well, what I can say besides “WOW”! We were very fortunate to have the 3 big guns of the ABCs camp coming down under to Sydney; JT, Johnny Wolf and William. That was awesome. I’ve had so many great experiences with this boot camp that I will bore you all with my rambling. I’ll try to keep it brief...

July 2009 Bootcamp - Sydney

This Bootcamp was definitely very special to me. With JT, Johnny Wolf and William all appearing to teach us the arts of seduction was definitely worth every penny. I never really had any proper role models to learn from.

Having a complete structure allows me to understand where I am with the women I am interacting with. I know which sections I will need to improve on and having better preparation will definitely help me better in the field in the future.
I would like to say special thanks to the ABC instructors.

Review: Syd ABC Bootcamp Jul 09

The bc is highly recommended for those who are committed or want to be committed to picking up but don’t know how. Have you learned the game, gone out to practice and got small results? Or feels like you been plateauing for a few months/years, ur wingmen have ditched you, but u don’t want to give up but don’t know how you can improve further? Have you ever thought, I'll get more practice and will get better, but months and even years have gone by and still procrastinating but the motivation is still there? If this is you, then delay buying that laptop or game console and put the deposit down for a bootcamp!

Sydney Boot Camp July 09 - Review and FRs

After all that, I wouldn't say I was shocked by the whole experience as I knew what I was in for. I would say that though, my AA is definitely gone down by a whole load. I now know exactly what is wrong and what is right with myself. I can now improve on what I am deficient in. When I am in an interaction I know what stage of the ABC model I am in and whether I am doing things right or wrong. This is great as after an interaction, I don't have to kill myself wondering where I went wrong.

Video Testimonial

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