Los Angeles (June-July) Bootcamp Review Line Up

I'm flying off to Paris this morning. Essentially, I have one plane ticket to Paris, one plane ticket to Oslo (Norway), one ticket to Copenhagen (Denmark), one Backpacker's Guide to Europe, and absolutely NO PLAN.

This is going to be legendary...

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Anyways, before I go, here's the latest Bootcamp Roundup (June to July) for Los Angeles, and remember, there's still time to get $300 with the Early Bird discount for LA's December Special Bootcamp.

So read on to see what others have experienced and what YOU can expect:
LA Bootcamp Reflection (Jun 09)
I never have a girlfriend in my life, let alone experience with women is near zero! I grew up with girls constantly making fun of how ugly I was (suck!). Although I’ve moved to US for a while, I still can’t speak English fluently due to my prior anti-social attitude! I didn’t even know that I had been in depression till my college adviser insisted me to seek counseling. That was when it hit me that I need some serious HELP! So talking about anxieties, guys, I have a ton! I started getting inspirations from reading others’ triumph over oneself in PU forums.
Los Angeles Bootcamp July 10 - 12, 2009
The three-day bootcamp was intense!!! Sitting through 4 – 5 hours of lecture and applying this information immediately in the field was exhausting. The bootcamp was not just about collecting pickup knowledge. It was focused on applying what we learned immediately in real-life situations. This course is not for those who are not willing to follow instruction, take action, and receive constructive criticism.
L.A boot camp Experience (June09)
The first portion of the boot camp was more oriented towards the approach and a woman’s buying temperature. I found this part of the lecture to be exceptionally valuable due to the fact that one of my sticking points is the approach. Luckily, JT went in depth about how to properly approach a girl (big smile, good posture) and even went as far as to have all of his students (7 of us) perform approaches on one of his model friends.
LA Bootcamp recap June 5th-8th
The end result has been decidedly different and I can confidently say I have made good friends and a community I never thought I needed. But now, I am finding this community, the PUA community to be a niche I can rely on and feel geniune brotherhood. For that, I must thank you. If it weren't for your open attitude and steadfast patience, I don't think I would've walked away from the bootcamp with this impression.

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