Johnny Wolf San Francisco Bootcamp Review Round Up

As you know, Johnny Wolf is also holding a Vegas bootcamp at the same time that I'm here in Paris, making this the first ABCs of Attraction simultaneous intercontinental bootcamp.

Pictures from the SF and Paris bootcamp are now up at the ABCs of Attraction Facebook Fan Page for you to check out.

Also, reviews have started pouring in from satisified clients who took Johnny Wolf's Limited Edition San Francisco 2009 bootcamp.

Read how some of the Wolf Wisdom changed their lives and how the ABCs transforms boys into men!

SF Bootycamp
I'm 30 and I signed up for the bootcamp because even though theory is good--reading PUA books are good--the only way you get better is use your knowledge and apply it in the field. Johnny and his team push you in the field and make sure you get experience in the field.

Another thing is that a lot of Asian or Asian-Americans have certain limiting beliefs--we're too short, too passive, we're beta males and so forth. ABCs have the unique perspective of being Asian/Asian-American so they know what's in your head and how you can get out of it.

Lectures and exercises were insightful and though the practice exercises were hard for me. But they made sense and were beneficial.

Field work was good and the debriefs were awesome--they always gave me constructive critiques that will help me in the future.

SF bootcamp
this was my first ABC bootcamp and it was one of the most excruciating 3 days of my life. 3 days of internal struggles, facing my worst fears, and nerve wrecking growth.

overall ---- i was scared shitless and couldn't sleep for 3 days but i finally discovered what was missing from my game at my current level. (mainly compliance tests and bantering skills)...

absolutely recommend. even if ur not super serious about pickup and just want to improve ur overall social skills, the bootcamp will give u a blue print to follow and a serious advantage over those who have not been exposed to it.

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