Job Interview Success Using Your Pick Up Skills, Part 1

"The job market for my particular industry is LOADED with candidates. There are more applicants in my industry than there ever has before, and it has created a situation similar to what you find in night clubs where there are an unlimited supply of male suitors, but only a handful of attractive females. The same principle applies here, and I wanted to differentiate myself as much as possible."
There's a small category of Field Reports on our forums that, in these tough economic times, have been showing up more and more.

It's a prime example of how achieving confidence, turning from a boy into a man, and having a high emotional and social intelligence isn't just limited to attracting beautiful women. That confidence is something that translates into success in ALL types of areas of life from your social life, to family, to friends, and- yes- to business and job interviews.

It's the IR (Interview Report).

So I give you William, who will be teaching with me in New York City this November bootcamp, and his IR as well.

In the next post after this, I'll give you another elite ABCs alumni who just moved to New York and beat out the competition not only for a successful job interview, but also beat out other people for an apartment...

All while using charm, confidence, and personality: the things we teach and embody at the ABCs of Attraction.

Read on (after the jump)!

IR, 7/18/08, multi-national corporation
by William

This is an Interview Report (IR). I have found that the fundamental principles of the ABCs of Attraction are applicable to many areas of my life, including my professional aspirations. I currently have several offers on the table (I am about to choose 1 from these available choices), and I would like to mention here on this forum that part of the reason why I have those choices is due to my consistent application of the ABCs of Attraction principles in ALL aspects of my life.

When I grew up, my family was kind of poor, so I've had to work like a maniac my entire life. Getting fired, getting a bad review, or simply not advancing was not an option for me, as my ability to acquire food to eat depended on it. This started out when I was 15 years old and managed to work my way up from a bus-boy all the way up to floor manager (which only the most trusted and capable individuals ever get to do), and has been a theme that I've consistently worked my ass off for since then as I have navigated myself through various promotions in my professional career. My parents were divorced, so money was that much tighter, and a strong work ethic was not merely a bonus, it was a basic requirement for survival.

So that's a little bit of background on where I'm coming from when I say that the consistent application of the ABCs of Attraction principles are a part of the success I have achieved in acquiring multiple contract & job offers for myself. I've had over a decade of experience in job hunting principles, interviewing principles, corporate ladder climbing, fighting for raises and bonuses, etc., However, I still feel that I had an edge over everyone else in the current job market. I utilized everything I had already known, and added the ABCs on top of it:

A (attract and approach)
The core principle behind this one is that you need to be an attractive male, or in my particular situation, an attractive candidate. I had to already have my resume lined up, and all my major accomplishments fresh in my mind so that I could approach them with the frame of reference that I have something great to offer. On the approach, I sent in my resume and cover letter, but I did something extra-- something that 99.99% of candidates don't do. I proved that I was an attractive candidate by taking 3 specific line items in their job advertisement and correlated them, line by line, in my cover letter, to 3 specific projects I'd previously worked on. First off, that showed that I was an attractive candidate who has lots of things going for him, and second, it showed that I had the presence of mind to be able to form the connection between that experience and their needs in their corporation.

B (buying temperature and banter)
When I met with these guys, I began bantering with them and pumping up their buying temperature. This is the one part that is different from all other previous job searches I've ever conducted in my entire life. Why? I never thought that it was important to show my personality, to show my emotions, and to make the interviewer feel happy and excited. Upon completion of my ABCs of Attraction 3-day seminar bootcamp, I have learned that all humans want to have their emotions influenced by another-- all of us want to feel something. This is true for men more than women, but in the professional interview (and by the way, I would like to note that I have been on about 20+ interviews in the past 2 weeks), I have found that the interviewer (who is usually male), wants to get to know your personality just in the same way that the girl you approach in the night club wants to know your personality. How many times in your life have you ever heard a woman say, "Yeah, I didn't want to see that guy because I just didn't get him." What do you think "get him" means? It means that they couldn't tell what makes you feel happy, sad, excited, humored, etc., They couldn't tell because you didn't use your voice intonation, facial expressions, and vocal pacing to make them feel things. So, in this job interview, I simply bantered about everyday topics (such as the specific location of the corporate office and its nearby surroundings), as well as our industry in general, and how I feel about certain peculiarities of it. That showed the interviewer a side of me (how I feel about these nuances of our industry), it made him feel the same feeling, and it definitely distinguished me from the million other candidates who don't do "B" with their interviewers.

C (comfort and connect)
This was the longest part of the interview, and it lasted a couple of hours. During this part, he was asking me various industry-specific and job-specific details that are particular to my industry. Here is another place where this job interview period in my life is different from any other job interview period I've ever gone through. In any previous job interview period that I've gone through in the past, I have always focused on answering the specific job-related or industry-related questions, and leaving it at that. I would crack open my textbooks, study my ass off, and treat the interview like some kind of final exam from my undergraduate program when I was in college. But these 20+ interviews that I've been going on in the last two weeks are of a completely different nature. I changed. My approach changed. I fuckin' studied my ass off during these two weeks. I cracked open my old college textbooks in order to study up on basic principles that we use in our industry, because in an interview, all of those core principles that I learned 10 years ago are the building blocks for ALL of the problems that we solve in my industry. However, I added one extra thing on top of that which I am certain that no other candidate did, because no other candidates took the ABCs of Attraction 3-day bootcamp seminar and tried to apply the principles as I've done here. The one extra thing that I did was to add an element of comfort and connection into this portion of the interview. Yes, I was asked many questions about those core principles. Yes, my studying helped. Yes, I was doing well in showing that I had the credentials to do the job. But I have realized that the purpose in all the job-specific and industry-specific questioning is so that the interviewer can determine if he is comfortable working with me. So, whenever possible, I would intersperse comfort-building stories into the interview, in-between questions, on a periodic basis.

"comfort building" in an interview is different from "comfort building" when you meet that girl in the night club, but only in the sense that the attraction switches are different. I have found that the attraction switches in corporate life are:

1. A man who can make money for the corporation
2. A man who can save money for the corporation (by detecting inefficiencies in processes or introducing new ways to do things that are more efficient)
3. A man who can save time for the corporation (which makes the interviewer's life easier, because he's usually your boss or your co-worker)

So, in-between the job-specific and industry-specific questions, I simply worked in my DHV stories from my past professional experiences which hit up on these three simple attraction switches. I understand that these attraction switches have almost nothing to do with the attraction switches we learned in our ABCs of Attraction 3-day seminar bootcamps, but the spirit of the "comfort and connect" phase is still the same-- to make the other person feel comfortable having you around (whether it be in a relationship or in a job at a multi-national corporation)

D (direct interest)
Here's where the rubber hits the road, even in job interviews! In the 20+ interviews I"ve had in the last two weeks, I made it a point to express direct interest in the job. This is another thing that is different now than was the case in all other previous job interviews I've been on in the past 10+ years of my life, and this is another part of why I feel I was able to acquire multiple offers for myself only in a span of about 2 weeks: nobody does this! The job market for my particular industry is LOADED with candidates. There are more applicants in my industry than there ever has before, and it has created a situation similar to what you find in night clubs where there are an unlimited supply of male suitors, but only a handful of attractive females. The same principle applies here, and I wanted to differentiate myself as much as possible. So, I made damn sure that I expressed direct interest in getting the job. It was really simple, actually, and was often as simple as just making 1 bold statement after the "C" phase was over. That's often all that was needed to make an impression, and I could clearly see by the interviewers facial expressions and body language that my statement (or statements of direct interest) made an impression.

E (extract and escalate)
The last part of the interview is where they usually ask you if you have any questions. This is where I applied my extract and escalate principles. The questions I asked all pertained to keeping track of the next step in the interview process (the escalation, if you will).

F (fun or fake)
Well guys, when you finally land that job, you have the chance to show that you're a fun guy (i.e., a great candidate), or that you're just a fake candidate who studied for the interview but didn't have any real desire to pursue that job in that industry. It's easy to avoid being fake, in both the professional world as in the dating world. In the professional world, all you have to do is ask questions, learn from your co-workers, study on your own, and excel in your projects. All you have to do is continue adding to your own experience and growing as an asset to the company. Learn new things, share them with others, and fight for your own promotions and bonuses. It's just like the dating world-- even when you get into that long-term relationship (or any kind of relationship), you HAVE to grow and improve yourself at every stage of that relationship every day. Every man should make himself into a better man each day. If you want the girl of your dreams you have to be the best candidate available in the ocean of dudes trying to be with her. Similarly, in my situation here, in order to get the contract of my dreams, all I had to do was to be the best candidate available in the ocean of people vying for those contracts. Yes, having all of my vast experience was helpful and 100% applicable, but the addition of the ABCs of Attraction principles really helped me get that extra edge.

-Man Cannon

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