Video: How Johnny Wolf met Asian Playboy

Have you ever wondered how these two titans in the Seduction Community met?

How did Johnny Wolf- the founder of the SoCal Lair and co-founder of the PUA Summit- meet me (Asian Playboy), how it went, and WHY- after meeting so many of the other top seduction & pick-up gurus in the industry- did Johnny decide to mentor under me?

Finally, for the first time, the story of how the two Top Asian Pick Up Artists in the World met!

Listen to Johnny's hilarious story as he talks about his first time meeting me and the difference between learning Game through gimmicks and tactics versus learning a Holistic STRUCTURE.

Also, be sure to check out Johnny's last bootcamp when he returns for the 2009 PUA Summit. This world reknown instructor won't be teaching again in all of 2009 so take this opportunity, step up to the plate, and become the MAN you were always meant to be!
  1. SAN FRAN: Johnny Wolf's Limited Edition Bootcamp 9/4-9/6, 2009
  2. LAS VEGAS: Johnny Wolf's Limited Bootcamp 9/11-9/14, 2009
  3. THE SOCIAL SECRETS: Johnny Wolf's Blog
Remember, if I- a short Asian guy- and Johnny- a chubby big guy- can do it, SO CAN YOU!

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