Exclusive Podcast with Adam Lyons, Hypnotica, Speer, and Asian Playboy next Wednesday!


(Listen to the next exciting PUA Summit podcast August 12th, Wednesday. Details to be revealed so stay tuned!)

(From left to right: Sean Messenger, JT the Asian Playboy, Amanda Lyons, AFC Adam Lyons, Don Diego Garcia, Marni, Mehow, Speer, Vince Kelvin, and Johnny Wolf)

This year's theme: TRANSITIONING TO SEX!

Time to go beyond "just approaching and getting numbers", take it all the way to the bedroom!

Vince Kelvin and Johnny Wolf are proud to announce the 3rd PUA World Summit line up!

Less than 8 weeks and only 20 seats left! Act now and save by getting your TX before Aug 4th for Just $169!!!! Instead of $300, act now!

Sept. 26-27 Hollywood CA, USA...See, hear and meet...

Bad Boy - All the way from Eastern Europe! The ORIGINAL Direct Tactic Guru!

Lance Mason - Founder of Pick Up 101!

Adam Lyons - America's new favorite rising star, as seen on UK Reality TV "Rules of Seduction"!

Asian Playboy - World Best Asian Pickup Artist! Pioneered and revolutionized Asian Men's Game!

Hypnotica - Hard core inner game guru, from Neil Strauss' "The Game" known as Rasputin!

David Wygant - The Orignal "Hitch" - Will Smith's Character was based on this Natural!

Daniel Rose - Author of The Sex God Method - The community's best expert on giving female orgasms!

Vince Kelvin - The original NLP for Pickup expert, over 19 years of service to community!

Brad P. - The World's foremost authority on Opening!

Daxx - From Love Systems / Mystery Method Corp. One of Savoy's rising stars.

Johnny Wolf - ABCs of Attraction Lead Instructor back from Retirement just to help out for a limited time.

Speer - Lifestyle expert! One of the community's favorite new teachers, breaking it down simple.

Plus a "New Blood" Panel with...Marni from WinGirls, Adonis, Zar and Hydro from Casanova Crew, The Seduction Coaching Team, Sexual Chocolate!!!

The World's Largest Gathering, and the most incredible opportunity to GET IT ALL IN JUST ONE SHOT is coming!!!

Bigger and better than ever, with an all time jaw-dropping line up of the community's greatest gurus, there to assist you during two entire days that you'll remember FOREVER!

Imagine meeting face to face today's leading authorities on pickup, dating, seduction, sex, lifestyle and personal development, and hearing the newest and hottest ways to enjoy the most fulfilling social, sex and love life! surrounded by like minded PUAs flying from all around the world to witness what UK channel 4 called "The Super Bowl of Pickup!"

Plus Many More! And representatives from all main US and Canadian lairs!

And to be confirmed: Mehow and Julian Foxx!

Early Bird Special Tickers are Still Available but only until Wednesday 8/5!

Get your ticket for ONLY $169.00!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the normal price if $300 is an amazing deal, but you'd be crazy not to come for $169. Book your ticket now, book a plane ticket if you have to, plenty people will be happy to share rooms. It's soooo worth it, your sex life will finally come to life!!!

Get your tickets here!

And guess what??? It takes place in the world's best place to meet the hottest babes!!! The Renaissance Hotel is located in the heart of Hollywood IN A MALL!!!

You'll be able to step right out of the room into the field, and see others approach and wing with some of the top PUAs in the world!!! Everyone who's someone in the community will be there!!! THE #1 MUST ATTEND EVENT OF THE YEAR...no excuses, it doesn't get any better than this, and it will save you years of trial and error on your own, and so much time and money, as you'll GET IT ALL IN JUST ONE SHOT...

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