Dear APB: "Reverse Racism"

Here's a letter all the way from Europe. Anonymous M sent it in after reading the preview ebook "Enter the PUA", which you can receive by subscribing to our newsletter.
Dear Asian Playboy,

Hi, i'm not sure if this address is supposed to use for asking questions, so if you don't answer just let me know, ok? I just received your free preview of your e-book, and I've got a question on one thing you pointed out, it's about the "reverse racism!" . I'm in the game now for a half year and read alot of stuff from the most popular people in this community, and yes i got quite good results! But the thing i want to know is: you said that you are over that now "reverse racism" thing, but how is this possible when attraction isn't a choice? Me for exemple i'm absolutly not attracted to black women (that doesn't mean that i don't have black friends of course), and from my opinion it's nothing i can change or that she could change about it! So what you mean by ,you are over that? I learned that attraction is trigger in your subconcious mind, and that's true for sure!

Thanks, Anonymous M from Luxembourg (europe)

My answer after the jump...

First, Anonymous M, let me thank you for taking the time to write to me as well as reading our free ebook. I hope you enjoyed it and gained valuable insight that will enhance your game and lifestyle.

Anyways, that is a very good well thought out question. If we take a second here to apply some science and anthropology to the topic, I think it will shed some light on the subject.

If you're familiar with Mystery, who was one of the original pioneers in the seduction arts, not only do I find him to be an amazing Pick up Artist, but he was also a very intelligent man that definitely did a LOT of research into the subject. I really enjoyed his writings on evolution of human beings and if you have the chance, I would definitely recommend you to check them out, they’re very mind blowing and most definitely make you question your social conditioning.

So let’s ask ourselves, what makes a man valuable and what makes a woman valuable? If you pay attention to where women spend most of their time, it’s enhancing their physical appearances. The girl’s I’ve dated, I could only imagine how much money they spend on make-up, clothing, accessories, what have you. I mean think about it. At the end of the day, in terms of priority, looks and physical appearance takes WAY more precedence than anything else a woman holds in value.

Now for man, what makes him valuable? I’ve seen plenty of high status or filthy rich men swimming in pools of attractive women and yet, I have yet to see the gender role reversal for this example. While looks are an important factor for a woman, other factors including wealth, status, power, charisma, and influence hold MUCH more importance than physical looks.

Now to answer your question in regards to race, yes, attraction is not a choice, and technically race does fall under the “physical looks” category. You’re absolutely right, you may not be attracted to women of a certain race, however, because you as a male assign much more importance to that category whereas for women, it isn’t AS significant.

Being a PUA and being able to exemplify all these strong male characteristics, we can paint a picture in her mind that we are a dominant alpha male, which to her gets much more priority than our physical looks ( race in specific ).

In any case, I’m using science to back up my argument and theoretical science is by no means an exact science, but I hope you found some merit in my argument and that it helped answer your question.

Happy Hunting!
JT the Asian Playboy

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