ABCs of Attraction Post-Bootcamp Success Report & Review

"By the end of the night I was on fire and talked to almost every chick in the club. I’ve isolated and kiss closed for the first time ever in da club."
-d3rek (Sydney, Australia)
Right now, I'm forcing myself to readjust to US time so I can teach tomorrow's Los Angeles August Bootcamp at 100% capacity. Ugh, it's been a bit tough with me taking sleeping pills just to reacclimate myself to this timezone.

Anyways, I'm going to use this beautiful morning to put up not simply another ABCs of Attraction Sydney Bootcamp (featuring Asian Playboy) review, but also to make special note that this student ALSO had special post-bootcamp success and posted his lay report on the Newbie Board.

A teacher is only as good as his students so it's nice to see da boyz all grown up, fully and romantically connecting with women with confidence and success! Congratulations bro!

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Review: Syd ABC Bootcamp Jul 09
by d3rek

Asian Playboy teaches students the unstoppable WALK OF KHAN!I took a bootcamp with JT, Johnny Wolf and William. I signed up a few months in advance. At first I was told to contact a former alumni to ask more questions about the bootcamp. My game actually began to change when I met up with the members of the community who knew what they were doing and actually had some game.

I believed this was when my game really began to change. I knew about the game for a year now and been going out half-heartedly with my friends to try and pick up but it wasn’t going anywhere. So I decided to make a commitment to myself to change and sign up for a bootcamp.

Psychologist says that if you publicly announce that you have a problem then you would be more committed to going through with it thus be more successful (e.g. quitting smoking, heroin...). However, a bootcamp is not a magic bullet and I was fortunate enough to be told that early on. As a result I was more focused on the journey leading to the bootcamp, going out and practising to lower my approach anxiety.

I saw the bc as a place to learn the structure and fundamentals of which to work on my game and then you gotta practice, practice, practice...


Day 1: we were introduced to the A and B phase which I’m quite comfortable with since I’ve been practicing before the bc. The main thing which sticked out for me was the lesson on how to carry yourself as a man i.e. the walk of Khan and the kino turn. Both of these things had a great effect on my A and B game. Having live girls there to practice on is good On that night, we went to Kingscross and practice A and B. William was my instructor. What I liked about William was that he is very calm and relax when telling u to approach sets. And the thing which I’ve learned from him that stuck to my mind was that sometimes girls just want to be bitches, so let them be bitches, the only thing u can controll is urself – that made me feel better after getting blown out a first couple of times but knowing that I did everything fine with my approach. After 3-4 sets I was in state and had no fear at all. I got 5 numbers that night and had heaps of fun.

Critique: Me and my wing lost William in the crowd for a while so we missed out on guidance. However, we did achieved our mission and was pretty much doing our own things so there wasn’t much for him to do.

Asian Playboy talking about how to isolate girls and go into comfortDay 2: the main thing that stuck out was BLP and how to get intimate with a girl. Also having Johnny critique everybody’s DHV stories was great because it gives an insight as to how it should sound like. The camera routine was also a keeper and it was great to have jonny critic my pics and be told I should have more non-asian females in them if i want non-asian girls because I never even thought about it! At night we went to a club in CQ.

My AA was higher tonight than the first night for some reason. I approached a couple of sets in the beginning and had blown myself out a lot of the times and it affected me more than normal. I felt fatigued, demotivated and introverted. I also kind of went and did my own thing because I was scared that JW or JT would force me to approach sets which was WRONG to do because that’s how you learn. Anyway highlight of the night was when me and a wing isolated 2 azn girls back to our couch. I used the wolf trap and no. Close unsuccessfully. So the night was pretty much a bummer with no no.s or kisses. Life goes on.

Critique: Better organisation is needed in terms of knowing which clubs to go to. JW and JT had a private booth for us to isolate chicks but there was an assumption that since the AA was gone in the first night that the second night we would be in the same state, which some of us wasn’t. Hence in the beginning, they were waiting for us to bring girls back yet some of us were trying to get in the mood of talking to girls.

Day 3: Highlights – I’ve learned a few things which were some of my sticking points including how to use your hands while kissing and a few other awesome sexual techniques which I didn’t know that I would be using a few days later! The take home message for me is that logistics is the man’s domain and if you want to get laid you gotta make it as smooth as possible by having a plan. We also practice some fun AMOG techniques.

Had a reality checked too with the fashion critic by the instructors and the girls and had great advices on what to do to my beard lol. That night we went to the Cross and I was fortunate enough to stand and witness JT gaming a French promoter chick on the street & though it didn’t blow my reality, it did blow my delusion that a mpua would talk to a chick and do some spectacular magic and she would be in his bed.

In fact, JT was talking to her like how I see charismatic ppl (e.g. my boss) talk to chicks but he had more of a structured game, great body language and kickass kino move like poking the belly (Note to self, poke a chicks belly lol). Basically it just shows me that it is something that I can work on and I don’t need magical energy or power to achieve. Back to the topic, we went to a few venues which was pretty dead on a Sunday and my untalkative state was back. I just didn’t feel like talking.

It was awesome to see JW work a set and get the bday girl and her blonde friend by what seems like magic from the outside but was prob just a normal conversation with a strong frame. JT told me a valuable advice: to not let my wing control the set but I should engage the other girl. Whenever she loses focus, I would do a mini kino turn to renengage her which was a mad improvement to my game. Also JT taught me how to pour wine and hold a wine glass like a gentleman which to my surprise I would be needing later on.

Next, we went to a night club that surprisingly had quite a no. Of ppl (I never been clubbing on a sun). We went in I did a few sets and trying to get into state. It was a whole new ballgame: loud music, ADD girls, and drunk and eccky users. My first few sets blow out but I was getting back into state of don’t give a shitness (yeah!). JT gave a kickass advice that we should go in do A and B then isolate or move around.

The awesome silencer move worked perfectly in this club as it was loud. I wanted to drop opinion openers and just went direct because their attention span is a bit too short for openers. I managed to isolate a HB with ripped up pants and shit by just doing A, BT then ‘come wish my friend a happy bday’. I remembered to sit down first and make room for her to sit and voila, she sat! However, the set didn’t go anywhere.

Johnny Wolf isolating two English girls!Next, JW brought 2 HBs from London back to the sofa. I was just looking in awe then JT told me to engage the one blonde next to me so JW could focus on the other girl. I was a bit hesitant at first but once I talked her attention was just on meI did do the JW trap kiss close and got right up to her face but we didn’t kiss. Then I tried again with ‘how good of a kisser are you on a scale between 1 and 10’ then she said ‘are u trying to kiss me?’ and the set was off. I made a mistake of trying to build too much C in this environment and JT later told us just to do A, B, and straight to D which was GOLD! (I always thought, the structure had to be followed alphabetically).

Having my new found structure I went back to the floor sarging again. Did exactly the same thing with first girl to asian HB, managed to got her back to our booth. JT whispered, do a lot of BT, some alcohol and go for D (Gold advice on social calibration). I went a lot of BT and did a tiny bit of C, then went to D telling her that she was sexy. I offered our wine and this was where my wine pouring and glass holding skill which I've learned a few hrs ago paid off :). Tried wolf trap again, I got a pash but no make out. Determined, I did the kissing scale again and she said 10! So I said ‘really? Let’s fine out’ pulled her in and Success! By the end of the night I was on fire and talked to almost every chick in the club. I’ve isolated and kiss closed for the first time ever in da club.

At the debrief JT made very profound, straightforward analysis of every individual and I saw something in myself which I didn’t see before. At times I felt like he didn’t really know us over the 3 days because some of us were a bit intimidated by him and weren’t acting ourselves so some of the critics came off as like cold reading and some of the fashion tips were a bit subjective. However, some analysis were dead set and was something I can take home, think about and work on.

Committing to the bc has improved my game greatly from the day I placed the deposit. The bc itself has made me a better man with a drive for gaming success. I have also discovered solutions to many of my sticking points.

I can now confidently let go of all the other gaming materials I’ve been reading and just work on my ABC’s because I believe no system is better than another but as long as u stick to one and be consistent and PRACTICE then it would be gold (Also, why not stick to one that is simple and easy to remember. I also learned the valuable lesson that you learn game to get out of the game and go on with your normal life once this issue has been fixed. (It made me appreciate my job and my current friends more as a result) :)

The bc is not for: those seeking a magic pill. Those who don’t have a motivation for picking up or to become good with women(It's like wanting to be rich by just buying the lottery). Those whose game has been improving steadily over the last year of going out without assistance.

The bc is highly recommended for those who are committed or want to be committed to picking up but don’t know how. Have you learned the game, gone out to practice and got small results? Or feels like you been plateauing for a few months/years, ur wingmen have ditched you, but u don’t want to give up but don’t know how you can improve further? Have you ever thought, I'll get more practice and will get better, but months and even years have gone by and still procrastinating but the motivation is still there?

If this is you, then delay buying that laptop or game console and put the deposit down for a bootcamp!

-d3rek (Sydney, Australia)

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