Attraction Workshop TONIGHT with Asian Playboy (SYDNEY)!


If you're in Sydney, Australia, then tonight is your opportunity to meet me, Johnny Wolf, and William for free!

We just got done with an INCREDIBLE Aussie bootcamp and are gearing up to meet all of you.

In conjunction with Sean from Passions for Life / Get Hitched who is running this year's Australian PUA Summit (The Attraction Master Class Tour), we're holding an Attraction Workshop with the topic:

"What Makes a Man a Man?"

We apologize for changing the schedule on you, but if you go tonight, you can say you're from the Asian Playboy Blog and they'll let you in for free.

Sign up here!

Attraction Workshop with Asian Playboy

JT, the Asian Playboy, is the Number One Asian pickup artist in the world, founder of the famed ABCs of Attraction- one of the longest running and successful Indie Pick-Up Companies- and designer of the revolutionary Holistic approach to pickup.

JT is in RUNNING only ONE Workshop in Sydney!!

Over the past five years, he has personally trained hundreds of students and his company has helped thousands of men around the globe to turn their lives around with his groundbreaking products and programs. The Authority on dating for minority men, he is considered the most hardcore and effective bootcamp instructor in the business, training even the most hapless students to succeed.

Born in the Texas and forced to move around the South throughout his childhood, APB battled discrimination, social isolation, and his own perceived barriers to become one of the best in the game. Having faced obstacles that most pickup artists never dreamed of, he now specializes in training the toughest cases by working from the ground up, addressing all vital areas of pick-up, concentrating on a Holistic method of teaching.

With his below average looks and above average drive, APB has shocked the world time and again with his ability to seduce and romantically connect with beautiful women around the globe. At a mere 5-foot-6, he is able to command the attention of any woman with his mastery of body language, psychology and sexual projection, and has taught thousands to do the same.

He is the ultimate Drill Sergeant of the Game, forcing his students to push past their inner demons to become successful with women.

Only chance to meet the #1 Asian Pick Up Artist in Sydney

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