[3 VIDEOS] Supernova Bootcamp!

APB here and I'm still cooling off from the supernova of a bootcamp that literally EXPLODED over Los Angeles and blindsided all the Hollywood sweeties with our army of unstoppable students.

The students really outdid themselves, and even I was impressed with a few of the women I saw them hook up with. I want to congratulate all the graduates on an excellent job!

Here, check out these videos where the students talk about their experience AND you get to see real, INFIELD pictures too!

Now, between sessions of much-needed sleep today, I was browsing our Web site and realized that there are onlyt 28 DAYS left for anyone who wants to sign up for our July Special Los Angeles Bootcamp!

If you are on the fence about whether to take a bootcamp, let me tell you that if you live in Los Angeles, there is no better time. We SOLD OUT ALL THE SEATS in the last Los Angeles event and this upcoming July 10th looks to be just as an equally AMAZING experience. Do you really want to wait before achieving the results you always knew you could?

Or do you want to STEAL THE LAST REMAINING SEAT before it's gone!

See you all in the field!


P.S. If you have ANY questions at all, ANYTHING you want to ask, feel free to use this private Contact Form to ask me!