Podcast: How to Sexually Escalate on a Woman

Podcast Episode For 12/28/08: (complete episode) E - Escalation - What is sexual escalation, and why should you do it?

This week, Better Asian Man talks about the E phase in the ABCs of Attraction structure. Escalation.

Have you ever overheard one of your female friends talking about how she dropped hints for a guy, "but he just wouldn't make a move?" Well guess what... that's a textbook example of what happens when you skip the "E" phase of a romantic interaction of a girl (Escalation). The result: absolutely nothing!

It is the man's job to sexually escalate a romantic conversation with a girl. Sure, you could sit on your laurels and "hope" that you met one of those rare girls that likes to lead, but that's a mentality that is just begging for multiple consecutive repeat disappointments. I've already lived that life, and I hope that you will save yourself from repeating the same misery by tuning into the podcast today!!

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