10 Reasons Why Blondie is Like a Real Blonde Girl

I have a dog called Blondie that is the most adorably annoying dog ever. Girls that come over absolutely fall in love with her. I also have her in my cellphone so every time I number close and girls see it, they go "Awwwww! She's so CUUUUUUUUUTE!"

Now the curious thing about Blondie is that she does act like a real, neurotic blonde girl sometimes. Like a total ADD attention whore of a blonde tanorexic of a stripper kind of girl.

So, in this moment of whimsy, here's my top 10 reasons why blondie is a real blonde girl in her little doggie mind:
  1. Blondie gets jealous if I pay attention to other people. Like insanely jealous.
  2. Blondie must be bisexual because she HATES men, but absolutely loves being around other hotties.
  3. Blondie is very needy and follows me from room to room to make sure I don't run out on her.
  4. Blondie LOVES to play dress up and will wear anything at least once. She also loves being undressed.
  5. Blondie's collar is actually a real choker from a real girl with fake diamonds.
  6. Blondie jumps all over me everytime I come home like its the first time she's seen me in ages.
  7. Blondie will ONLY sleep on pillows. Soft pillows at that.
  8. Blondie always gives kisses and licks and loves tongue action.
  9. Blondie also likes licking other girls breasts.
And the TOP reason why Blondie is a real, neurotic, attention whore of a blonde girl is...
  1. You can't go direct on Blondie, you always have to go INDIRECT!
/ end humor

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