New Years Eve Hookup Guide (NYE pick up guide) by Johnny Wolf

I don't have really much to add to the topic since I'm still stuck in Dallas and not sure as to my 2009 New Year's Eve plans are... But Johnny Wolf did have some really sage advice on how to hook up for New Year's Eve for last year's 2008 and which is still good for 2009 just a couple days away!

And don't worry, you haven't heard the last from Johnny as he's got plenty of articles and content in the pipeline that'll be sure to knock your socks off in this new year!
New Years Eve Hookup Guide (NYE pick up guide) by Johnny Wolf
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Okay guys, New Year’s Eve is here and our goal is to kiss 08′ women that night for 2008!

Just as much as you don’t want to be alone on New Year’s eve, women don’t want to either. Which is why it is the best night of the year to get instant kisses and makeouts. Its all in the name of fun and tradition. An even better thing is that women that normally don’t go to clubs and bars will be out getting wild on New Year’s, so get some phone numbers and you might have an amazing girlfriend just in time for valentine’s day as well. But NYE is a little different from other nights out, so here are my personal tips and tricks.

Johnny Wolf’s New Year’s Eve Tips and Tricks:

1. Peacocking is OKAY on NYE! Even if you never wear anything flashy or if you are against peacocking, which many of us are, on NYE it is encourged! Wear a big crazy hat, flashing lights, a crazy outfit, have the scrolling LED belt that says “Happy New Years, Kiss Me” or even have mistle toe hanging from your hat. On this night, it is okay for even profesisionals to wear stupid shit, and women are looking for the flashiest shinnest thing because it’s fun!

2. Be extra social! Talk to EVERYONE, have fun from as soon as you get in the door. Don’t worry about proper game, setting up perfect social proof, or any of that. Just be the fun party guy that night. Lose your ambitions because no one else will have any either.

3. Don’t talk too much. On the contary to being social, don’t go too deep into comfort or share too many stories. This is the night to be superficial, and only to touch on the surface of things. You don’t need deep rapport, women don’t want to get to know you tonight, they just want to have fun.

4. Get the phone number early. You’ll lose people very quickly in these crowds, so if you find out she lives, or works near your, or you want to see her again. Just tell her right away even within minutes of meeting her “Hey you live in _________ too? Give me your number and i’ll call you next year!”

5. Kiss her before midnight. Don’t waste your time waiting till the perfect moment. Make the perfect moment! You can even say “There’s no way I’m waiting till midnight to kiss you” or you can just be very easy about it and go for a kiss everytime you say “happy new years” to a girl. The worst thing that’ll happen is she’ll turn her cheek. Either way, its NYE so she won’t hold it against you.


1. Where to go: You have three choices.

A. Personal house party: these could be intimate with just close friends and family. If you go to one of these, bring a date. If you’re single, don’t bother. And don’t jump from party to party, it is a waste of your time, and time is precious on New Years.

B. City Sponsored Ball Drop: Examples include Times Square in New York, Las Vegas Strip. Good news is that it is free, but bad is that it is cold, crowded, and is filled with tourtists, and familys. If you go to one of these, you have to create your own social circle, as in, go with some friends, and randomly meet people and invite them to walk with you. Most of these places allow you to bring your own liquor but only in plastic bottles. So this is your chance to buy the big bottles of 1.75 ML Malibu Rum, with a bottle of Pineapple juice and extra cups, and have a reason for women to stick and swoon to you and your group.

C. Night Clubs/Large Parties: A lot of these are open bar, which is great for you in two ways. #1, you drink for free, but #2 EVERYONE is buzzed and having fun. Bar lines get very long, so early on before it gets crazy, find a bartender you line, introduce yourself, and give them a decent tip for your ‘free drinks’, as in $5 per drink, up to $20 if you’re ordering for friends. And they’ll remember you all night and you’ll wont’ waste time standing around. Aside from that, there are going to be a ton of hot 21-35 yr old women in these venues, so find a good one and stay there all night.

Bonus: Where ever you go, make sure you either have a hotel close by, or transportation set up for the way back. Getting home on NYE is very difficult, you’re tired, and cabs will all be taken. In some cities like San Francisco, public transportation stops for some stupid reason. So make sure you have extra room in your car, or a hotel within walking distance. There is a very good chance that the girl you’ve spent the later portion of the night with is going to take you up on your offer to chill out at your hotel, or house after where you two can break in the new years right by having NYE sex. You can also have the after party be at your house as well.

What to say:

Easy NYE Openers:
“Happy New Years!!!!!!!!” - Duh. This works tonight, by you have to follow it up. If they show some interest, give them hugs and kisses. If not, plow through by doing a slight neg like “aww come one, don’t be a grinch, you’re cuter than that.” or just move on, there are plenty of fun people that night.

“Hey, is it okay to kiss BEFORE midnight” - Natural opinion opener, easily transistions to a kiss.

Easy Kiss Closes:
“There is now way I’m going to wait till midnight to kiss you” then go for the kiss.
“Hey before I forget…*kiss*….”happy new years”
“Can I kiss you at midnight” if she says yes, kiss her right then. If she calls you out on it, just say ‘hey i’m impaitent”

Easy sexual transition topics:
“So what’s the most adventurist thing you did in 2007″
“Do you think you had enough amazing sex in 07?”
“What’s something crazy or naughty even that you’d put on your new years resolution list”

Have fun, bring three condoms, and extra cab fare because you’ll never know where you’ll end up that night! And if one of the things on your new years resolution is to be better with women in 2008, here is an amazing oppertunity for you, but you have to act now! Put down your deposit for any of our 2008′ scheduled bootcamps and save $500!!! But you must do it before our prices go up on the 1st!

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Warm Regards,
Johnny Wolf
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