Mehow Names Me as Top 8 Infield Insider of 2008

[Click here for the Press Release: "The Asian Playboy 'Picks Up' Awards as Easily as He Picks Up Women"]

Hey guys, sorry I haven't blogged in a while. What with moving between houses and feeling under the weather with this dismal cold, I've fallen behind on my writing. But don't worry, even when I'm feeling out of it, there's still quite a few things in the works that I don't want to quite reveal yet but includes things like free ebook and other goodies.

Anyways, if ya'll remember from earlier this year, I was the first guinea pig Pick Up Artist to appear on Mehow's revolutionary product, Infield Insider! It was fun, but weird, being captured on camera and I hope those of you that saw the footage as well as the technical breakdown were able to learn something useful from it.

And just recently, Mehow named me as one of his Top 8 Pick Up Artists from the Infield Insider editions for which I'm deeply honored as I'm being placed up there with other luminaries like Sinn, Hypnotica, El Topo, David Wygant, and Sean Messenger just to name a few.

So without further ado, I give you Mehow's Top 8 List!

Welcome to the Revolution: The Infield Insider Top 8 of 2008!

6. APB – February 2008 – APB is an innovator and his footage showed it. He was the first guy to show me that solo winging of any variety was possible, his “you are absolutely fucking adorable” sexual direct style is something everyone should try and his set splitting techniques were solid. He number closed on his footage and proved that dominant game works even if you aren’t huge like Hypnotica. APB’s comfort game looks like very traditional DHV story based comfort phase. APB is fanatically dedicated to helping Asian guys (and all guys) everywhere be better with women. He is now coaching Kevin from PUA2 according to my sources.

Thanks Mehow!

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