Video: How to Achieve the Power of CHOICE with Women, J-Wolf Part 3

Bon voyage, Johnny Wolf!

We're glad to say J-Wolf has landed on Turtle Island and is probably 40 feet under water and decked out in scuba gear right now.

And when he submerges, you will have watched the third and PENULTIMATE installment of his FAREWELL SEMINAR -- undoubtedly one of the GREATEST FREE SEMINARS IN COMMUNITY HISTORY!

In case you haven't caught the past two segments and the NEW 3rd one, here are the links:

In this piece, Johnny touches on some of the more serious aspects of the community.
This was a really deep portion of the seminar, and you can hear it in Johnny's voice.

I hope you enjoyed this series, brought to you by the ABC's of Attraction, and we will be resuming our question and answer segment in a few days.

Coming up, we tackle a question from a student who wants the secret of "INSTANT ATTRACTION." Remember, if you DON'T email us at with the subject line "ABCs Question" then we CAN'T provide you with the answer or help you deal with your struggles and dilemmas!

That's it for now,

P.S. Oh, and for those of you who emailed me about getting your hands on Johnny's classic "How to Pick Up Asian Girls" DVD, purchase your exclusive copy here.

And do it SOON, because there are only a FEW of these babies left.

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