Two Free Seminars in Los Angeles: 10/09 & 10/16

These two upcoming Sundays, the ABCs of Attraction will be providing TWO free seminars that will be open to everyone in the Southern California area. The first will be held by Johnny Wolf & the Socal Lair and the one following will be myself with the Casanova Crew.

Please RSVP for which one- or both- you'd like to attend.
I'm pretty excited about these seminars, because we're going to unveil for the first time some of our latest musings on inner game issues and how to tackle them.

We are all tired of the same old Pickup Version 1.0, and lets face it, the women are getting a little tired of it too.

At these free seminars, we will share some of my inner game tactics and how they apply to pickup, as well as the reasons I advocate direct game over indirect.

I will touch on all of this as I discuss Skills and Confidence Progression and Body Language Essentials -- two keys to projecting a strong self.

I will also go over the concept of Holistic integration, and why I feel it is so important.

Now, here are the respective writeups for each event. First up Johnny Wolf:
Hey everyone. As you've heard by now, I am retiring from being a pick up artist and moving to Turtle Island to live the simple life as a scuba diver and a volunteer at the Koh Tao Animal Rescue.

Before I go, I wanted to share the things I've learned during my journey as a pick up artist. I want to share what helped me, and also what has hurt my progress and what to avoid.

I want to leave this community better than I found it, as it has helped me in so many different ways, not just with women. I will be going over how it is helped other parts of my life, how I got good at pick up, and how I finally found happiness.

Come, listen, and ask questions. Everyone is invited, and it is totally free, although you can optionally donate to help pay for the room and cleanup. But no worries if you don't. I have invited not only the socallair but also the other local crews and lairs, including the Santa Monica Lair, Casanova Crew, Vince Kelvin's Seduction List, ABCs of Attraction Community Members and Alumni, and I encourge you to invite anyone else you know that is in the community as well.

I've learned that we have a moral obligation to be happy, and I've also been there when I felt that no matter what, I couldn't be happy until I fixed this part of my life. I hope to see you at my farewell speech.

Warm Regards,
Johnny Wolf

When: Sunday 11/9
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Where: Will be announced to those who RSVP
Who: Johnny Wolf
Cost: Free with RSVP
And now J The Ripper from the Casanova Crew:
*SUNDAY NOV. 16TH @ 6PM* $15

Don’t miss Asian Playboy speaking exclusively for Casanova Crew!! APB is one of the fastest rising dating coaches in the world, and has been featured on a number of publications, including the cover of Asian Weekly. He was named best Asian PUA of the year, appeared at both PUA Summit’s and has also appeared on Mehow’s Infield Insider.

Capt Hook’s (same location as our BradP & Savoy lair talks)
3515 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Please be there on time as we plan to start at 6PM sharp. Also remember to bring exact change!!

Asian Playboy’s material is not only geared towards Asian men; his methods and model apply to everyone wanting to get to the next level in their game. Here are just some of the things he will be covering:

-Skill and Confidence Progression
-The Holistic Integration
-Body Language Essentials
-Indirect and Direct Game

Don’t miss this event!! See you there.

-J The Ripper
The Los Angeles Orange County Lair aka CASANOVA CREW

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