Podcast: How to be Naturally Good with Women by Johnny Wolf

This week Better Asian Man interviews a very special guest-- the soon to be retired Johnny Wolf who will be living in Thailand to pursues his dive master certification and volunteer work.

In this action-packed episode, Johnny Wolf answers these questions from dial-in guests from across the United States:
  1. Why did your beginner's hell last for 7 years? Is everyone's beginner's hell going to take THAT long? - Alan, northern Virginia
  2. I feel like I need to hold myself accountable in order to get better. What steps did you do in order to go beyond just being good, and to actually become incredible? - Pak, Boston, MA
  3. How do you stay motivated throughout all of beginner's hell? - Tank - Pasedena, CA
Also, in this exclusive podcast presentation, Johnny Wolf reveals his take on what it means to be naturally good with women so that you can grow out of merely picking up women, and move on to simply be yourself. The key points in this exclusive presenation are:
  1. Inspiration
  2. Knowledge
  3. Real World Application
  4. Ego
  5. Proper Structure
  6. Calibration through field testing
  7. Pushing your limits
  8. Earned Success
  9. Naturalization
  10. Lifestyle
I believe that what Johnny has said in this podcast on these topics will change the fundamental nature of "the game" forever. This is an episode you don't want to miss.

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