Johnny Wolf Announces His Retirement!

"But the skills and experience I learned being a PUA and through the community, helped me find happiness.

I'm reluctant to say that the pua community “fixed me” because it doesn't really do that.

But it does a damn good job patching you up, giving you hope, a taste of glory and success, and inspires you to do greater things."
-Johnny Wolf

Yes, you heard me right...

Today, sadly our Community bears witness to one of the Great Titans of Seduction announcing his retirement from The Game. Johnny Wolf, who was been with the ABCs of Attraction for two years, will be fulfilling his lifelong dream of global adventure and jet setting lifestyle.

I remember meeting Johnny so many years ago when he still practiced Pick Up Version 1.0 Game (ie Indirect) and seen how he has matured not only as an incredible pick up artist, but as a COMPLETE MAN as he develops the F-Phase of the ABCs Model, dealing with his FUTURE (ie lifestyle) and pursuing Pick Up Version 3.0 Game (Lifestyle/Social Circle).

At a certain point in every PUA's career, it becomes less about evolving as a Pick Up Artist and more about your own self-actualization as a MAN.

It's a sad day for all of us, but it could be a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF! It's the end of an era and it's up to YOU to make a difference in YOUR life before it's too late!

In other words, if you've been even REMOTELY interested in taking a program with Johnny and being a recepient of the Wolf Wisdom, I suggest you book now or forever hold your peace!

Now before I sign off, I'll let J-Wolf speak for himself.

Hey guys,

I've been in the game for over ten years now. And active in the Pick Up Artist Community for over three. And now it's time for me to retire...because I'm finally truly happy.

I got everything I wanted from being a pick up artist, and now it's time for me to move on.

In the last few years, I went from being an average frustrated chump to being able to number close successfully in bars. I was so excited that I started seeing how many I could get in a single night...getting a ridiculous fifteen once.

Then it was my first cold approach kiss close. I can still remember the set vividly, it was the first time in my life that was able to point to a target, approach confidently, game her and her friend, and get her to kiss me on the lips. I was finally able to kiss close! So I did it over and over and over. That was fun, especially that one time I got six in one night.

Day 2's came next. Up until this point, numbers would flake. So I learned to rework my game, and started having more dates and day 2s. This is when the lays started.

Now over 70 lays later, my sex drive is finally fulfilled.

So I started looking into more exciting things to do with pick up. I wanted to fuck a porn star, so I spent a few months figuring out how, and ended up fucking three.

I wanted to do the impossible, so I pulled a girl and her mom back to my hotel and f-closed the daughter right next to her mom.

Every guys fantasy is to have a threesome, so I cold approached two different girls and f-closed both of them on the same night for the community's first ever double cold approach, threesome, all while figuring out how to get girls to let me video tape us in bed.

So what else did I want being a pick up artist?

Well, just like every other person that read the game. I wanted to meet Mystery, and Neil Strauss, Tyler Durden and Ross Jeffries, and everyone else that was in the book. So I did. I met them all. And then I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to meet them, even if they couldn't afford a bootcamp.

Which is why I started the SoCalLair, I wanted a lair that was powerful enough to get all the big name gurus to come visit it. I got them all to come, Juggler, Asian Playboy, Sinn, Savoy, Ross Jeffries, Vince Kelvin, Neil Strauss, Adam Lyons, David Wygant everyone.

Which inspired me to start the PUA Summit, I wanted the world, the entire pick up community to be able to meet the top guys, all in one place.

But if I never gotten over my ego, and put down the money to take a bootcamp in the first place, I never would have gotten this far.. I was stuck at a point where I was able to approach and randomly kiss close and get numbers that would usually flake, but I never really had solid success.

Which is why I took a program with Asian Playboy and the ABCs of Attraction. And since then, I had something called structure and calibration. He broke me down, forced me to realize my weaknesses, and built me back up. For the next 6 months I trained to become an instructor.

Ten bootcamps later, and over 1,000 hours in field, I became certified.

For the next year and a half I taught over twenty bootcamps, and close to a hundred students. I taught students in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Texas, Toronto, Miami, Australia, London, Scotland, and I felt like I changed someone's life every weekend. I was also fortune enough to help approach coach for great guys such as David Wygant, and Adam Lyons, as well as appear on the Love Systems / Mystery Method Interview series.

But I still remember that when I first read “The Game,” it changed my life.

I realized there were other people in this world that were going through the same torments as me. Extreme pain and anguish came from being lonely, desperate, and without love or sex.

I couldn't be happy because my life was missing such a vital part.

But the skills and experience I learned being a PUA and through the community, helped me find happiness.

I'm reluctant to say that the PUA Community “fixed me” because it doesn't really do that.

But it does a damn good job patching you up, giving you hope, a taste of glory and success, and inspires you to do greater things.

Now, I'm off to do greater things, different things. I'm moving to a tiny island off the coast of Thailand called Koh Tao, aka Turtle Island. A small paradise populated mainly by scuba divers from Australia, Europe, and America, Koh Tao is going to be my new home while I pursue the adventures of the underwater world training as a divemaster.

It's truly paradise, warm weather year round, white sand beaches, crystal clear water, hot Australian chicks, amazing food, animals of all sorts, and the best scuba diving in the world.

But, because the Pick Up Artist Community has done so much for me. There is no way I'm going to abandon it. I promised JT that I'll still teach bootcamps, but on an extremely limited basis, once every three months.

I'll still help put together and host the PUA Summit every year, and I'll still update my blog and keep tabs on the community.

I feel like I'm one of the few guys in the community that truly understands where a lot of you are coming from...because I was there. Being an overweight, Asian guy with hair loss, never helped me get girls. I used to look at all the tall good looking white guys and think that we could never have what they have.

But I've learned that it doesn't matter, and that we can over come all obstacles. I also learned that they have struggles too and need game as well.

A few years ago having a hot blonde girlfriend was like seeing a unicorn, and after having ridden a few now, I realized that they really aren't that magical in the first place.

But I encourage all of you to find your unicorns.

It's possible.

Just don't get stuck looking forever. Figure out a way to get good at this game, as fast as you can, so you can finally move on.

But when you do, don't abandon the community entirely, always remember where you came from and all that it has done for you.

Leave it better than you found it, just like we strive to do with women.

Warm Regards,
Johnny Wolf – personal blog

P.S. My last USA bootcamp will be held in Los Angeles on November 14th-16th.

After that I'll be back in three months to teach in San Francisco and New York.

SF 02/27-03/01-

NY 03/06-03/08-

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