ABCs Forum Awards: "My 30 Day Direct Challenge"

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a great holiday when all the girls feel it's ABSOLUTELY necessary to dress down in the top notch ho-wear.

So here's another Saturday edition of the ABCs Forum Awards where I recognize posts on our forums that range from humorous, insightful, painful, enlightening, and thought provoking. Keep on posting!

Finishing the ABCs' 30 Day Direct Challenge to Tank
Tank in End of 30 Day Direct Challenge
"This was a great exercise cause the hardest set to do everyday is always the first one. Also it helped me nail down going direct after I got into a conversation indirectly.

It drilled down that it was just another set. It was like lifting weights everyday till I got used to the pain.

I have a feeling I'm gonna use this type of program to make a lot of fundamental changes in my life."

Best Opening Line for a Field Report to Straycat
Straycat in FR: a new lesson learned
"Girl: I hope you have warm bedsheets.(as I am driving her home)..."

Realizing the Distinction of Pick Up Version 3.0 is Social Circle Game to Myself (formerly AZ Inch)
Myself in PUA does NOT work in college v. "Real life" college game
"Also, cold approach definitely is a great start but eventually you want to be playing social circle game."

Having the Balls to Make Direct Game Work in a Library, in College, in Front of Friends to Tank
Tank in FR: Number closing in front of non PUA friends
"Opened in a crowded library area in front of strangers and went direct and number closed in front of non-pua friends...

My female friend walks by and gives me two thumbs up and I see this hot ass girl I was supposed to talk to a month ago and I lose focus for a second but continue with my stories."

Realizing Getting out of the Let's Just Be Friend Zone is Tough to DougieB
DougieB in FR: Target - soon to be ex-cowoker
"So, I walked away - got a number from a random girl that I may or may not like, and a nothing from a girl that I know I do like. And I kept wondering, is that another thing about pickup? Am I going to have more luck with the new random girl than that girl I acutally know?

Today I emailed my now ex-coworker on facebook and got nothing back. I texted the HB7 and got a response in 5 mintues. There ya go."

If At First You Don't Succeed, Audition for ANOTHER Reality Show to Showtime
Showtime in Showtime: Daisy of Love
"I'm planning on going on the show, "Daisy of Love" so if you guys would be so kind and vote/promote if you can that would be awesome. Hope all is well!"

Most Obvious Statement That Still Needs to Be Said to William (formerly Man Cannon)
William in Why pornography is bad for you
"Listen, no amount of effort by any person, group, or corporation will ever get rid of the porn industry.

So, if you're going to support that industry by secretly going to porn websites, at LEAST support those starving Asian male porn actors by visiting this website first."

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