ABCs Forum Awards: "15 seconds from approach to makeout"

Enjoy this week's Halloween edition of the ABCs Forum Awards!

Better Late than Never Bootcamp Review to Love Guru
Love Guru in Love Guru's Bootcamp review finally....!!!
"Things I learnt/realized during the bootcamp…

1. Pickup like anything else in life can be learnt. :)
2. If you approach & deliver your opener in a right way most of the people are actually quite warm, friendly and happy to talk to you.
3. You learn more by staying in there as long as you can.
4. You learn more in field rather than reading online.
5. Anyone can learn pickup regardless of how you look, which race you are, how much money you have, etc.
6. The limiting beliefs in our minds is our biggest enemy and can be defeated by going out regularly and proving it wrong. ( once you start doing and acheving things you previously thought were impossible you feel a lot of confidence in yourself and powerful )
7. You need an instructor to teach you driving, a trainer to teach you how to gym, a teacher at school to learn subjects…. For every skill you need someone to teach it you…. And so for Pickup you need a Coach…!!
8. And taking a bootcamp really kick starts you learning curve…!!!"

Most Random Makeouts in 5 Minutes on Halloween to Matyr
Matyr in FR 10/31/08 - Halloween Craziness
"We start making out. No words at all, just liplock. And then she walks away from me. On my way out of the bathroom, as I am walking towards my friends, I notice her again, I kino-turned her and then we went for another round of makout. Again, no words, and then her friend pulls her away...

Earlier in the week, my friend was telling me I should scale down the player vibe because it might be detremental to me getting girls, I decided that if that is indeed who I am, I need to embrace it fully. And it was pretty funny, because this friend has stressed not playing games with women and being honest with them, and him telling me to work against giving off a player image is actually a very dishonest thing to do. I have always been a player, I just wasn't very good at it before. So this "shit test", if it even was one, was incredibly easy to pass:

Martyr - Damn right!

And then we start making out! 15 seconds from approach to makeout, with everything happening on the street, wow!"

Channelling Frustration into Persistance to Tank
Tank in FR: Day 5 with 24 Hour Fitness girl.(Getting Frustrated)

"Things I've never done:
Never got a Day 5 before. Never talked about marriage before. Also I felt on this date I really opened up to her. At this point, I'm out of stories. I'm just turning into the real me."

Missing Out on a Once in a Lifetime Australia Bootcamp Opportunity to T-Kae
T-Kae in Whos going sydney bootcamp?
"I'd like to say dat u guys r lucky bastards for goin to bootcamp. I wish I was coming along too and to meet u guys. For now I'll just hav to rely on posts and emails."


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