Weekend Forum Warriors: "Putting Your Heart Out There Means It Can Also Break "

"But when she looked at me while sitting in his lap, I haven't felt anything like that in a long, long time. So yes, I am broken-hearted. Am I devastated? Not in the least."
I'd like to start a weekly forum highlight post for all the unsung heroes and brothers on our ABCs boards who are getting themselves out there, socializing, having fun, achieving their successes as well as experiencing the lows of Beginner's Hell.

This is a chance to highlight Brothers who, when they post, fall under any number of categories like:
And any other posts that somehow affects us. Now, just because you aren't being recognized in this weekend edition, doesn't mean that we won't be highlighting your report next weekend. So keep on hitting those bars, clubs, malls, and parks!

But most especially, post your after action reports and thoughts, even if you don't always get the results you necessarily wanted.

After all, our instructors and coaches go online DAILY to read your field reports and offer insightful advice that will help you IMPROVE your game. Also, it really helps to read what others at your SKILL LEVEL are doing and see what applies to you.

Now I am DEFINITELY NOT saying to be a keyboard jockey. But if you have no time to compare notes, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN??????

The answer is: VERY SLOWLY.

Here is a little sample of the CRAZY ADVENTURES that some of our students are posting (remember, you have to be a registered member of the ABCs boards to get full access):

Lay Report: Social Circle Game Rocks!

by AlphaM

"Later we build some more comfort and connection and talked openly and honestly about out sexual experiences..desires...relationship expectations etc...

She even mentioned that although there have been other random guys hitting on her during the past few weeks...she did not give in....Why I was different??? Social Comfort!!....

She had seen me before..She was comfortable with me...She knew me from my social circle..she talked to my other girl friends there about me...etc..."

Audio Lay Report: AlphaM & Tornado Game

Two bootcamp students recount the 2nd night of bootcamp of a double lay report (one with a fitness instructor) and caught on audio.

password: asianplayboy

After Three Weeks of Oneitis, I Finally Go Direct On My Dream Girl!

by Tank

"Last time I had a classmate oneitis it took me a whole stupid semester before I pulled the direct trigger. I hated how I could not do it and every-time i saw her interact with another guy I would get jealous.

Took me a month to get over her and I was in a deep dark age for a couple weeks. I"m sooo happy I pulled the trigger in 2 weeks. I'm fucking proud I did that in two weeks.

Now I can move on."

My First Day 2 Date After Bootcamp

by Unreal

"But this has to be the fastest turnaround for me. I broke-up with someone right after the BC. 3 weeks later I'm back on my feet dating.

Not wholly successful but it feels good to be back on my feet."

Putting Your Heart Out There Means It Can Also Break

by DougieB

"Now, my friend is one of the most standup guys I know and I've known with him for a long time. Becoming an AMOG isn't something that even crosses my mind.

But when she looked at me while sitting in his lap, I haven't felt anything like that in a long, long time. So yes, I am broken-hearted. Am I devastated? Not in the least.

I am so happy to be able to get this point of connecting. Having your heart broken is preferable to never putting it on the line in the first place."

San Francisco ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp Review

by Suave

"I've been waiting to write this bootcamp report for the longest time, but now I finally get to write one after getting back from NYC.

Overall, my bootcamp was a transcending experience that opened my eyes. All the tactics and skills Johnny instilled in us were subtle but extremely powerful and I'm grateful for what I learned during my bootcamp.

To anyone who is considering bootcamp, seriously, this is THE transformational experience and something you will look back on and consider it as the turning point in your life."

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