Podcast: How I Learned that "Direct Interest" Separates the Men from the Boys

Do you find it difficult to approach girls that you're attracted to?

Do you get nervous when you think about telling a girl that you like her, and that you'd like to go on a date with her?

Did you ever see a hot girl pass you by and wonder if maybe there could have been some chemistry between the two of you?

Well, unless you're naturally good with women, then you probably need to go through what we call "beginner's hell." Whether you take a bootcamp or not really doesn't matter; you must at some point learn how to become better with women, and since there's no such thing as a magic pill that makes you instantly better with women, you WILL have to go through beginner's hell.

The good thing, though, is that you're not alone. Lots of your fellow Asian American brothers, myself included, have gone through beginners hell, and today, I present to you:

"How I learned that Direct Interest separates the men from the boys" - by Tank (Los Angeles, CA
Tank shares with us his struggles in "beginner's hell," that sinister 6 - 24 month period, after learning how to get better with women, of really implementing the ABCs of Attraction method, understanding it, and applying it in your daily life.

Also in this episode:

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  2. If I like a girl, but her friend (who is slightly less attractive to me) gives me indications of interest, which one should I go for? - Tank (Los Angeles, CA)

  3. "Masturbation: Don't do it." - An editorial by William, Editor, Better Asian Man.com

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