The Magic Pill for Instant Breakthroughs

I give it to you straight from the Wolf himself...
Hey guys, Johnny Wolf here reporting in from Thailand...

I never believed in magic pills, because they don't exist. So many guys skim through hundreds of pages in every new e-book, or pick up related DVD, looking for little magic nuggets, thinking that that is all it is good for.
Examples would be:
In other words, they're looking for a QUICK FIX for a problem that requires a LIFE'S JOURNEY of self-analysis and self-improvement.

Well, that MAGIC PILL doesn't exist.

Or does it?

I think I may have found the only magic pill that actually works. It only takes seconds to start working, and can be had for less than $300.

Before I tell you what it is or how to get it, I want to share with you the instant and long term benefits of it. And my own personal experience with it.

Actually never mind, I'll just tell you now, or you'll just scroll down until you find it anyways.


The magic pill is putting yourself and getting out of a near death situation.

Yes, you heard me right.

When your life flashes before your eyes, you are forced to really look at things in the proper perspective.

Ego is finally put aside and you either accept your fate, knowing that you have lived your life to the fullest. Or you start praying for a second chance, because you know you've been lying to yourself and putting things off.

You promise yourself that you'll do everything you've set out to do.

Whether it be taking that salsa class, starting your own company, following your dream, or to stop being so passive with women.

When you think you're going to die, you have no one else to give excuses to, and you have no reason to hesitate or to put things off. You don't have time to.

This is your final, and last moment to live.

I had my moment when I was standing on a ledge while I was in Thailand last week, looking up at the most beautiful blue sky I have ever seen...or at least noticed until now.

It's funny how you don't notice how comfortable breathing is until you stop. On all sides of me is jungle, deep dense jungle filled with venomous snakes, but those aren't my biggest concern.

Below me is a lake, about 50 meters below....enough to snap my neck if I hit the water from this height. But I was calm...

I took in a deep breath and thought to myself, this life may as well be over, I've already lived....actually lived and experienced more in these 27 years than most people do their entire lives.

I was ready to die, so I jumped. Feet first off the ledge...I felt like time had froze for a second, and then all the sudden it catches up to me and I'm free falling at double the speed.

I really felt like I was going to die.

Imagine you were in this exact scenario, looking over the precipice. Behind you is the jungle full of a lifetime of fear, pain, lonliness and regret... And in front of you is the beautiful blue ocean full of endless possibility...
Have you really done everything you could to become successful with women, career, and life, or have you been giving yourself and everyone around you excuses and putting it off?

Put yourself in a near death situation and you'll quickly answer those questions. And it doesn't have to be dangerous, you just need to experience almost dying, DO NOT DO SOMETHING STUPID AND RASH.

All you need to do is something adventurous within a RISK-CONTROLLED environment with:
So go sky diving, or bungy jumping like I did. The more scared you are of doing so, the more you'll break through your comfort zones and the more it will help.

Go out and actually do it, don't just say you get the point, or think you get it because if you haven't actually made the jump, you have no idea.

Life is short, it really is.

Accomplish everything your heart desires.

If you were facing death, the last thing you'd want is a life of regret.

So before before one more day passes you by, make a choice to do something to empower yourself to be a better man.

The rest, and best, part of finally and REALLY living your life is just a click away...

Warm Regards
-Johnny Wolf


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