[VIDEO] Asian Dude, Kevin, Eliminated on VH1's Pick Up Artist 2

I'll be putting up pictures from last night's VH1 viewing party at Style's mansion, but I will have to say, for all the PUAs there including old war veterans like Mystery, Style, and Matador, I still brought the hottest date :-)

In the unforgettable words of Brian Ly- another contestant from the VH1 show-, "She was SMOKING BALLS!" Pictures to come...

Check it out, Kevin Feng was eliminated from last night's episode of VH1's The Pick Up Artist basically for fucking up all his approaches. Looks like K-Feng suffered from Approach Anxiety, a tragic but fixable flaw.

Here's Kevin Feng's blog post about being the first asian guy kicked off the show...

Hey Guys,

Well, SHIT, I just got kicked off the show. Total buzz kill! Well, as the FIRST Asian off Season 2 of VH1's The Pick Up First, I have to say it sucks and good luck to my fellow Asian bro Brian!

First off….. how I felt that night:

I was really really really really nervous that night, Alex had just gotten kicked off in the previous elimination and at that point, I knew that the game was on, no jokes/bs from that point forward. I remember climbing onto the bus that night even more nervous than I was the first night out.

As soon as I stepped into field, I...
My first two sets went terrible, if you look closely, me and Todd are wearing the exact same vest and we had the same opener that night.

So out of coincidence, the first two sets I opened the girls were like "Ummm, your friend wearing the exact same vest asked us the same question". Got blown out of my first two sets and it was all down hill from there.

During my elimination, Mystery accused me of a few things, he said:
He was correct on all the points but in all fairness, we were given scripts, essentially lines to memorize. This was really incongruent with my personality, of course I was going to sound like a robot. I believe that anyone can learn anything with enough determination and there's no exception with pick up.

Since the show, I've sought additional training. Even though I was kicked off the show and had my dreams shatter before my very eyes, there was no way I was going to throw in the towel.

Stay tuned, I have a big announcement on Tuesday as well as IN FIELD footage of myself working my game with my newly developed CONFIDENCE.


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