ABCs Forum Awards: "This is Where Character is Built"

In this edition of the Weekend Forum Awards, we've got a lot of active posters and some nice insights from the female perspective.

So don't be shy! Register and post your thoughts, adventures, and insights and not only will you get the help you need, you might just be recognized on my blog!

Most Insightful Reply by Ozzie

"Ok; I am in PRE beginner's hell. you are right, it sucks even worse lol" - Zen

"To me, this is the best part... This is where character is built. They way you view things/challanges now will shape how you view and act later on." - Ozziesaurus Mex

Most Funny Title
FR 10/11-10/12 Still picky because I possess a vagina by Emily

"I'm kind of adorable. I can get away with blatantly choosing someone else and going home with that person and still getting the other person because I can just act cutesy. You would be pegged as a womanizing ass if you attempted this...." - Emily

Most Persistent Number Closing
FR: Number close at 24 Hour fitness (7th one) by Tank

"I see this cute japanese girl at 24 hour fitness. I think for a second about the last 6 numbers I got here that didn't work and think what the hell. I gotta get a date outta one of these sooner or later." - Tank

Most Public Health Announcement-y
Emily, in response to "The 8 Secret Traits of the Sexual Alpha Male by Johnny Wolf"

"SERIOUSLY, the one time I have turned down sex with a guy I really wanted to sleep with was when the guy insisted he wouldn't wear a condom. I was so ready to go, and I stopped, pushed him away, and told him to go home. I'm sure he was embarrassed, as I've seen him at parties since and he won't talk to me. He SHOULD have been embarrassed. And if you don't use condoms, you also should be embarrassed.

When you don't use a condom, you risk her health, YOUR health, AND you have a chance of becoming a baby daddy. Not cool." - Emily

Most Hard Lesson Learned
Clean up your f*cking car! by DougieB

"Learned the hard way last night - was driving a cougar to her hotel last night (didn't go in with her, I'l have an FR later ). Car was a complete mess, I could tell she was turned off. And it probably reminded her of the age gap." - DougieB

Most Self-Inspired
Tony Robbins - avoiding pain and seeking pleasure by C-Dub

"By connecting with more people, I can positively influence more people on this world." - C-Dub

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