ABCs Forum Awards: "It makes me look like a sellout."

I've decided that the weekly ABCs Forum Awards- where I recognize the contributions and writing of our brothers- will be scheduled for every Saturday. This is to encourage EVERYONE to go out and draw inspiration from the adventures of their fellow brothers and have a DAMN GOOD weekend.

You're not alone and there are brothers in every city having the same successes and failures as yourself. You just have to get out there and make something happen. And you can always post in the "Find a Big Brother" Network to kick it with like minded wingmen in your city.

Creepiest AMOG Battle Ever by DougieB
DougieB in FR: Out with co-workers
"I've got to say, it's an INTERESTING experience when almost every guy in the room is 10x the AFC you ever were. It's a great set-up for becoming a woman's defender and savior. At the same time, it makes you realize why a lot of women are the way they are when it comes to guys approaching them. And I guess, the reason why we're all on this board."

Best Props Given to Someone Else's Field Report by Tank
Tank's reply to Pump Action's LR, 6/6/08, HB8.5, day 2
"Man, this post is freaken insane and inspiring. I'm printing this one out and framing it."

Best Attitude Towards Random Makeouts by Rumble
Rumble in 10-24 Inaction
"btw i have pretty low standards when it comes to bar/club makeouts. if there's even a hint of cuteness, i'm down. that heat, when your faces are like two inches away is so intoxicating to me, (almost) regardless of who it is. that heat is what goes away, when you've been in a relationship for a while...and i miss it.

but still.. absolutely no fatties.""

Best Realization on the Importance of Furniture by Tank
Tank in FR Day 2 with 24 hour fitness cold approach
"I realize I'm gonna have to invest in some high end shelves cause my costco boxes aint cutting it."

Best Anti-Establishment, Anti-Commercialism Comment by Unreal
Unreal in A Slow Transformation
"I refuse to pay for a shirt that advertises for someone else. It makes me look like a sellout."

Best Job at Playing Hard to Get by LaiMan
LaiMan in A Cougar tries to get me?
"i flirt back with her all night, till her comments kept going more sexual with me to the point of her asking me

'Hey, u wana join me at this[hotel], i hear they have good bed n breakfast', i giggled it off and said ill think about it, an hr later on, she mentions again, 'hey, look at all these money i got, i can get a hotel room you know? I can get a hotel room for us?'.

Well, i kinda ignored the question again..."

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