VH1's The Pickup Artist Premieres This Oct 12 (Season 2)

All right people, it's official- with (oddly) little fanfare- from the VH1 Pick Up Artist Blog, Season 2 of Mystery, Tara, and Matador Mayhem will be airing this October 12th (Sunday) at 10PM!

There must have been some juggling of TV schedules because I talked to Mystery and Matador not too long ago and the original plan- according to them- was to air the show in January and paired with The Rock of Love...

Well, check it out!
Mystery’s Back For Another Round Of The Pickup Artist

Based on the tremendous viewer response to the series The Pickup Artist, VH1 has once again teamed up with world renowned pickup guru Mystery to help guide nine new “socially awkward” students overcome their biggest fears - meeting women. As we saw last season, Mystery has developed a foolproof formula for these men to follow, whether they’re in a bar, club or coffee shop. Through his various teachings and in-the-field tests, Mystery will prepare these men with the skills they need to overcome their shyness and confidence issues in the real world. The Pickup Artist 2 premieres on VH1 on Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM.

The Pickup Artist 2 brings a new twist to the show, as Mystery and Season 1 wing-man and fellow pickup artist Matador are joined by new wing-girl Tara. Viewers may remember Tara as Season 1’s kissing coach. In this second season she will expand her role by adding a female perspective. Tara will serve as full time wing-girl to Mystery and act as a confidant for the contestants.

This season, The Pickup Artist 2 moves to Phoenix, AZ, as the guys sample the local night life in hopes of perfecting their skills and winning the title of “Master Pickup Artist.” In each episode, one contestant will be declared the winner of a challenge and granted immunity from elimination, while the loser will be sent packing. The challenges this season are even more intense — and personal. The dating neophytes will be tested in a local supermarket, a charity auction and various area nightclubs outfitted with hidden cameras that capture women’s real responses to the contestants’ come-ons.

-VH1 Blog

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