Sports Medicine for Pick Up Artists

Getting good at the game is easy! Becoming a better man is the hard part.
-4five6 aka Ozziesaurus Mex

Ozzie here and I'm going to state up front that I don’t believe that everyone is progressing as fast as they should so I decided to put together a lil short and easy list of thing that I believe will speed up progress.

APB always says “Pick Up is a Sport” I truly believe that it is and thus should be learned as one. The great thing about pick up is that anyone can play and play it ANYWHERE! This is one of the few things in life where everyone can be on the same playing field competing with each other no matter what the skill level is.

Pick up to me is the Big Game, whenever I am out I know that I can potently find the women of my dreams if not then I can find my next best FB, the girl who will give amazing head, or some crazy bitch who will give me a great story to tell.

So with all those options I would be a fool to go into the big game not knowing some of the basics.

Imagine yourself in the Nba finals and you cant even dribble the ball? Thats what I constantly see when I go out. Guys who don’t need to open 293846239 sets but they still do, or guys that constantly get stuck in the same phase.

Now to me Game is just an extension of your personality it just a small part of who you are. Its a means of self expression that allows you to navigate through the intricate maze social/dating dynamics. So if the big piece of who you are is crap then the small piece that is game is also going to crap.

So what I want to focus is:
1. Personality/lifestyle
2. How to practice a sport.


Now personality is a very difficult thing to cultivate if over the years you have not put yourself or been put into a situation that will allow your personality to grow. So IMO sarging is one of the slowest way of cultivating a great personality.


Because most guys that have a weak personality tend to have a weak lifestyle also. So what most people tend to do is go from a 9-5 job go home relax and get ready to go out at night. They just work – sarge at that’s it, there is nothing more to them.

Or even worse they play StarCrack for 3475 hrs

So what cultivates a good personality?

This is where I believe lifestyle some into play. The guys who are into sports or other activities (wine, building shit, Martial arts, music, art) tend to have an easier time maintaining good personal relationships with people around them (aka they are not weird) it is through these activities that they learn how to joke with other guys and how to interact with women as well. So get a Life!

This is why you see most of the top guys go to a bar and just chill… they don’t go out to sarge but if the opportunity is there and they see something they like they most likely go for it. This is also why the top guys can have 1 or more long term girls at a time. If you have a very shitty lifestyle the chances of a girl sticking around are not very good.

How to practice:

Now since we know that reading 2343342 e-books downloading 23432 videos isn’t as effective as we thought it would be there has to be a better option.

Well like in any sport you have to learns the rules, that is the easy part any articles will teach you this online. Now the trick is to actually practice before you go out to play the big game. Some of us though are naturally gifted and have to practice less than others, while other have to practice more.

So if we take any sport and break it down there are fundamentals to it just like in Pick Up. For example if we take Basketball you have to first learn how to dribble then pass after that you can move up to shooting and layups.

Well if we take Pick Up we can break it down into fundamentals also. You cant work on your seduction before comfort if you cant get attraction first. But before all that you have to open and open strong.

I am going to digress a little here for a second...

Imagine you are at the finals and the spot light is on you. You run out to the field looking nervous and you end up kicking the ball while trying to dribble not biggie right it Pick Up and 30 seconds later you get another chance…but this time the same thing happens. Now after this happens night after night for a while who wouldn’t get frustrated and begin to lose confidence? Especially if you believe you have a crowd watching you.

Lets take another example you are at the free throw line and you don’t know how to shoot a free( and its the big game) throw how confident would you be? Wouldn’t your lack of experience and anxiety make it more difficult on you?

But what if you practiced in your back yard, park or gym? Lets say you have shot 500 free throws (or 500 sets), now you can imagine yourself making the shot, you can imagine the ball going in. How much easier would that be?

Now back to the topic...

Since we know we half to open the set ask yourself this what are your 3 openers?

Do you even have 3?

Now the reason I say 3 is because there might be different situation that you encounter that will need you to adjust. Having 1 or 2 as a beginner is not enough in my opinion.

How many time have you sat down and practiced the opener in front of the mirror?

This is real important since delivery is key.

With today’s modern technology it should not be a problem for anyone to get a camera and record.

What is attraction?

A lot of guys don’t know what attraction is and yet they still go out night after night and attempt to some how get,generate, or create it.

What are you trying to convey?

A lot of guys just go out and have no clue as to what the message that they want to get across is. So since they don’t know they just x-copy routines and you see guys twirling girls till they are dizy and giving them 4355 high fives.

What are your stories?

Whether you like it or not you will be repeating your self to girls. There is no way you can come up with different stuff to talk about with every different girl. Your stories are one way of conveying who you are to her.

Have you practiced your stories?

Write down your stories and read the out loud, do they make sense?

Are they communicating who you are?

This is where lifestyle comes back into play. If you have a nice exciting lifestyle then you should have plenty to chat about. On the flip side if you lead a very boring life then the conversation will most likely be boring.

You would be surprised how many people don’t practice shit until they are out.

Practice,Practice,Practice then go out and Practice.

It really makes a difference just look at the guys who have been at this for 4-5 years and still have a hard time getting laid…ask them what attraction is or ask them about their stories and guess what the answer is!

This is why we give you guys Pre-Homework and that FAT book with stuff to work on AFTER the bootcamp.

Its not that hard. Ozzie out.

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