Situational Peacocking

"I'm not a big fan of peacocking (wearing outrageous clothing to attract attention) because, well quite frankly it makes me look like a douchebag. It's fun to laugh at guys at the club that are all Mystery clones, wearing eye makeup, cowboy hats, and funky gay clothing."
-Johnny Wolf
Here's an exciting article that's hot off the presses and written by ABCs very own Lead Instructor Johnny Wolf.

It's about a special technique called Situational Peacocking and concerns both the Dating Self-Improvement Community as well as Asian American Men in general.

Question from Whitebelt:

"I've been sort of a hardcore punk/skin for quite a long while and wonder if it's possible to peacock and look PUA via accessories or clothes of this style that still retain my personality but convey something interesting to women. I'm only talking about day wear here, although I've seen pics of Mystery and Style and I can't imagine myself wearing some of the things they wear to a bar/club at night... Thoughts and opinions?"

Answer from Johnny Wolf:

"Yo Whitebelt!

I'm not a big fan of peacocking (wearing outrageous clothing to attract attention) because, well quite frankly it makes me look like a douchebag. It's fun to laugh at guys at the club that are all Mystery clones, wearing eye makeup, cowboy hats, and funky gay clothing.

But I understand why guys do it even though we don't dress like that.

Basically it all boils down to our brain chemistry. It feels good to get attention, right? Even if it's not good attention...when you're used to being the guy in the bar that no one notices, all the sudden, they start coming up to you saying "Wow, where'd you get that pirate shirt?!"

That kind of attention, and- yes- sometimes attraction, is a heady brew that can give you an inflated sense of self-confidence that all these people (who were ignoring you before) are coming up to YOU!

But here's the dilemma...

Well first, don't clone someone that you're not congruent with.

If you're in a band, play it up and dress like a rock star. If you're a magician, play it up and look like Cris Angel or Mystery. However, if you're actually an accountant that enjoys playing video games on your free time, you won't look or feel right wearing 6 inch platform new rocks and pink feather boas.

So here's what I suggest (click continue)...

The quick, easy, lazy tip for low level peacocking is to wear, one interesting item like:

  1. A necklace that has some personal meaning to you.
  2. If you play music, wear a guitar pick.
  3. If you are a rock climber, wear a carabiner pin.
  4. If you traveled somewhere, wear a symbolic necklace of the place you went to.
  5. Or have a band t-shirt on of your favorite band,
  6. Or a pin that says vote Obama (or even Obama's the Anti-Christ)

But what about the wow factor?

Having one interesting item won't get people to randomly approach you, unless your passive value is already high enough for them to really want to. But what it does do, is allow the girl to have something to compliment you on, or inquire about, after you open her.

If you want the wow factor, I recommend situational peacocking.


Wearing something, or holding something that you just randomly picked up that night.

The trick is, do not bring it out with you to the club, and don't look in the mirror to see how you look with it.

Just see, grab, and have fun with it!


Example #1:

In one roof top New York bar, they have a rack of red robes that they hand out when it gets cold. The first time I went there, I put one on, even though I wasn't cold.

It was great, people would ask what it was for, or if I was a boxer, then others started wearing it too, so we started role playing that we were a cult.

I ended up making out with a girl that was there with a dude, just because she came up to me thinking I was a boxer!

Example #2:

Another time, I was walking to the bar, and randomly bought a pineapple along the way. Of course everyone asked me what the pineapple was for, and I just told them the story.

I was walking here and stopped by the fruit stand, knowing it would be closed if I waited until afterwards. And I just love pineapples...

I ended up meeting a couple cool people and going back to a friends house to eat it afterwards with our new friends.

I've done this with airplane neck pillows shaped as pigs, balloon flowers, funky hats, t-shirts, and other random stuff.

But here's the point...

The reason why it works is because it is spontaneous and girls can sense it.

If you carry around a pineapple every time you go to the bar, you become the weird fruit guy. But if you did it one time randomly, you're fun.

Girls can sense if you're being fake or gimmicky. But having it be truly spontaneous and not planned out, it gives you this great sense of confidence through genuine fun.

So next time you're out either day gaming or at a bar or club at night, look around and see what you can use as your situational peacock item!

Hope that helps, Whitebelt!"

Johnny Wolf & The ABCs Team


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