Podcast: Learning How to Properly Day Game

Ever try to approach a girl in the day but were afraid to because "it's weird," or because "everyone is watching?"

Ever felt like kicking yourself because you made up those excuses in your mind and ended up not approaching the girl that you found to be really attractive?

Then you need to tune into this week's edition of the Better Asian Man podcast, "Meeting girls in the day versus meeting girls at night," part 1 of a 2 part series.

In this episode, Better Asian Man.com discusses some of the differences between meeting girls in the day versus meeting girls in bars, lounges, and nightclubs.

(We will continue this discussion next week, on Sunday, 9/21/08)

Our guests this week:

  1. "My recent trials and tribulations in meeting girls during the day-- a testimonial" - Oz, Los Angeles, CA

  2. "How do I get enough courage to approach the hot girl passing me by in the daytime?" Yellowcab : Los Angeles, CA

Also in this podcast:

  1. An interview with PK, Director of "Kollaboration," an annual concert and performance showcase

  2. An Asian American man who is NOT sex-less! Check it out on iTunes and also here.

  3. Break Out! -- Some really awesome Asian B-Boys and B-Girls

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