Podcast: How to Get a Hot Girl to Buy You Hot Coffee

In this action-packed episode, Better Asian Man.com explores Urban Fit Magazine with in-studio guest Amazin Lethi, Wingmen, and various strategies for meeting girls in the daytime.

  1. "How to get a hot girl to buy you a coffee at Starbucks: A Tutorial" - by Straycat (Las Vegas, NV)

  2. How do I transition from bantering with a girl to going into "comfort building topics" with her? - Straycat (Las Vegas, NV)

  3. My experiences in day game - Yellowcab (Los Angeles, CA)

  4. My experiences in expressing direct romantic interest in Asian American girls - Tank (Los Angeles, CA)

  5. Who is Amazin Lethi, and how is she representin' Asian Americans?

  6. What is "Wingmen" the TV show pilot?

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