Los Angeles Reunion: Free Pizza, Beer & Seminar!


I'm a firm believer in having a constructive and ongoing RELATIONSHIP with our ABCs students. When you sign up for an ABCs Bootcamp, you're not just another client, statistic or paycheck.

Upon Bootcamp Graduation, you become a Brother. You join a supportive brotherhood where we all try and help each other out in Pick Up, business, and everything else.

So now it's time once again to gather with your peers and discuss how far we all have come since our respective bootcamps.

This Sunday, Oct. 5, we will have an alumni meeting here at Project Forbidden City from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. You must RSVP!

This is your chance to:
In addition, we will help organize LA based Sarge Crews (ie Entourages) so everyone can remain active and have a helpful support system

As a special gift, I will also be giving a FREE 90 MINUTE SEMINAR on the principles behind "The Progression from Indirect to Direct Game" as well as open Q&A.

I will go over why certain direct methods work better as you understand the fundamentals of pickup, and take questions.


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