[PODCAST] Social Circles, 108 Spirits, & Johnny Wolf

Continuing our podcast blowout, here's another BAM Podcast from this Sunday. Remember that live call-ins are accepted!

This week's LIFESTYLE segment feature:

Want to have lots of hot women in your social circle? Want to have lots of fun and exciting people to hang out with? Then you need to listen to:

How do I expand my social circle?

We will get exclusive insights and tips from the legendary Johnny Wolf, lead instructor for the ABCs of Attraction.

Also in this episode, we discuss a comment posted on the 108 Spirits forums. (108 Spirits is a website dedicated to the development, representation, and celebration of Asian masculinity that was recently reviewed in our "Reviews" section). Here's an excerpt from the original comment:

a better way, imo, [to meet women] is to create your own venue and lifestyle, where you attract high quality women of the type you want, and who are most attracted to you...ideally from an international pool of women who i think far surpass anglosphere women in looks, agreeability, and mating quotient.
But how do you get there? Listen to the podcast episode to find out.

In this week's Q&A segment, we provide LIVE on-the-spot answers to our fellow Asian American brothers for the following questions:

  1. How do I bounce a girl from the dance floor to some other place inside the club so that I can get to know her better? - Straycat (Las Vegas, NV)

  2. What should I do if a girl I'm talking to gets pulled away from me by her friend? - Martyr (New York, NY)

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