PODCAST: Join Man Cannon & APB in Vegas for Labor Day!

In this *special* edition of the Better Asian Man podcast, we talk LIVE with The Asian Playboy!

In our TESTIMONIAL segment, three former ABC of Attraction bootcamp students share with you their experiences during their respective bootcamps:

  1. Baby Will (New York, NY) - Shares with us how William (the editor of BetterAsianMan.com and Certified Approach Coach for the ABCs of Attraction) helped coach me through my sky-high spproach anxiety

  2. Martyr (New York, NY) - Shares with us how ABC of Attraction Bootcamp coaches identify things that I knew that were wrong with me, but I was always afraid to admit.

  3. Gatsby (New York, NY) - Shares with us how much of a loser William was before he became the Better Asian Man that he is today.

William will be the lead instructor in training for next weekend's Labor Day Holiday Las Vegas Bootcamp, audited by the Asian Playboy!

Sign up today and get TWO INSTRUCTORS for the price of one as Man Cannon starts his training from coach to a Certified ABC Instructor with The Asian Playboy himself!

Then, in our Asian American Activism segment, we discuss:

* A recent flurry of activity and discussion about the Better Asian Man website, as well as pick-up in general on The Fighting 44s Website.

And last but not least, in our Q & A segment, we discuss:

* How do I consistently get myself in a friendly and talkative mood before I go out to meet girls? - Baby Will (New York, NY)

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