Video Lay Report & Happy Birthday Johnny Wolf!!!

"The sex was great, but the sleep was horrible. I’ve never had such bad sleep in my life."
- Johnny Wolf (ABC Certified Instructor)

Happy Birthday Johnny Wolf!

We're throwing a HUGE party this year at a Brother's mansion where we'll be heavily SOCIAL PROOFED at a ratio of 2 girls for every 1 guy. Actresses, models, adult actresses, and the like will be there.

Dress code: Bring bikinis for the pool and wear sexy lingerie or a sexy cocktail dress AND bring an overnight bag! Booyah!

More to come, but in the mean time, here's a Video Lay Report by Johnny Wolf where he hooked up with his FIRST ever Red Head!

LR: First night in Vegas, First Red head ever! by Johnny Wolf

So me and Sonic arrive in Vegas one night before the bootcamp to check in the hotel and relax. But of course, we decide to go out and hook up. Funny thing is, I was a dating a girl a few weeks ago that I would have happily gave it all up for, but her loss I guess. The greatest thing about being a pick up artist is picking ourselves up back on our feet stronger than we were before.

I told Sonic that we can’t go out clubbing, we’ll be doing it for the next three nights and need to save our energy. So instead, we go to O’Sheas, an Irish pub casino. I start talking to some girls that were watching guys play beer pong, then I meet this gorgeous tall, hot red head, that I then went direct on. I just smiled, said hello with a strong sexually confident vibe and told her that I loved her tattos. We flirted for a bit, and I kissed her clover tattoo on her arm.

She mentions she has another tattoo on her ankle, and I tell her that I’ll kiss it later tonight when they’re ontop of my shoulders. She loved it and told me to call her in an hour after she took care of her drunk friends. So up to Margrattaville we went. I see a really pretty girl with her entire extended family. I’m talking grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it.

But I thought to myself, she’s the type of girl I’d wanna date long term. So I approached, first the grandparents, then to her dad, to her mom, and eventually it was just me and her. I suggested that she comes to hang out with me and my friends since we’re all young and fun, and she gives me her number.

The next set of people was something that sonic was shocked to see me open up. It was two huge harley davidson riding white guys, and two hot white girls sitting at a dinner table. The pictures don’t even do them justice, standing up one was 6′3 and the other 6′6. But I thought the blonde was hot, so I had to approach. I befriend the table, and sit down next to the blonde.

Turns out, the guys were really cool and they wern’t with the girls, they had just met. But most guys, actually all guys, would assume they were together, and that the guys would smash in our heads for pulling something like that. But nope, some of the best sets are the ones that other people think are impossible. Plus it shows a lot of balls and confidence going into a hard situation like that.

As I was sitting with the group, I get a phone call from a friend…which reminded me to call the red head back. She answers right away and tells me that she’s bringing her drunk girlfriend home. We flirt for a bit and I tell her she should come hang out with me here. She says she has work in the morning, but that I could go to her place and have a quick drink. For the guys that don’t know this, that means sex. =)

So I take a cab to the suburbs of Vegas, and we hook up. The sex was great, but the sleep was horrible. I’ve never had such bad sleep in my life. Her bed was way too soft and uncomfortable, she had this weird thing about needing to sleep with her TV on. I finally get to sleep somehow, and I get woken up at 6:30am by her saying, I need to get to work! So out the door I go….here’s the rest of it on video:

- Johnny Wolf (ABC Certified Instructor)

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