[VIDEO] Big Pimpin with 40 Hotties!!!

This is how you roll to a Club! With 40 some gorgeous women!

For all of you who are wondering how you roll to a club with mad, extreme ATTRACTION AND PASSIVE AND SEXUAL VALUE, check us out live and in action in the YouTube video below:

Speer and I (read on about PUA All Stars!!!) rolled to one of those Hard Velvet Rope Clubs in Los Angeles along with about forty girls using Social Circle and Promoter Game.

Walking down the street with forty girls is a really good feeling and is sure to pump you up. Not to mention increase your perceived value of attraction in the eyes of all around you (read this excellent article by Showtime on Perceived Value vs Actual Value entitled "The Exploration of Perceived Value").

When anybody sees two guys with that many girls, they are definitely thinking, “Who the fuck are those guys?” The attraction switches that were turned on include social proof, pre-selection, leader, spontaneous, and comfort around beautiful women. Not only were we able to game the girls within the group of fifty girls, but other girls in the club were opening us.

That is how you fucking roll to a club!

So why is it that pre-selection by women works? Empirically, psychologists have shown that men that are surrounded by smiling beautiful women are considered more attractive by other women. Women are also more inclined to approach these men.

Why is this?

Think about it. Let's say a woman is down for a Same Night Lay or One Night Stand. So she's a women who is searching for a man with good DNA and replication value, in other words an INCREDIBLE LOVER! So they're looking for markers that indicate YOUR ability to PROVIDE AMAZING SEX.

Factors that they look for fashion, muscles, height, good looks. They also look at Pre-Selection by other beautiful women. When you are with beautiful women, other women will assume that you are friends with them and that you have slept with at least one of them. They will assume you are good in bed, attractive, and friendly. The main difference of real pickup artists and bullshit artists is that you are pre-selected by women.

A major sticking point for Asian men is that they don’t show that they are pre-selected by women. The best way to be perceived as a sexual attractive man is to be SURROUNDED with beautiful women. Especially hot blondes!

Now be sure to check out the video and if you want to be able to roll to clubs with 40 beautiful women, you can learn how to in a 3 day Certified or Special Bootcamp with us.

And if you're interested in the upcoming PUA ALL STAR BOOTCAMP with Speer, myself, and a surprise Guest Instructor, call us at 323-933-6525 or contact us about the PUA ALL STAR BOOTCAMP.

Learn how to be Big Pimpin!

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