[PODCAST] Better Asian Man Q&A for AZ Inch

From PUA Radio to the newly renamed Better Asian Man, we bring you a new podcast!

We at Better Asian Man.com (presented by The ABCs of Attraction) are dedicated to providing you, the modern day Asian American man, some perspective on how to improve your lifestyle, expand your choices in terms of fashion, hobbies, and nightlife, and of course, to help you meet more women!

We have received lots of questions from our fellow Asian American brothers via email, and in this week’s episode, we answer all of them! (Except for 1 question regarding “Body Language Positioning.” That content will be available in our premium subscribers section which is coming next month). We also have several live-listener call-ins requesting real-time real-world advice from the Asian Playboy himself!

  1. What do I do if a girl is immediately disinterested in me the moment I approach her? (AZ Inch: Beijing, China)
  2. What do I do if a girl is mean to me when I first approach her? (John: New York, NY)
  3. How do I game a girl through Facebook? (WhiskeyHotel: New York, NY)
  4. I get a lot of phone numbers, but a lot of them flake out, don’t pick up, or don’t call back. What am I doing wrong? (Raven: New York, NY)

Download the 7/9/08 betterasianman.com Podcast

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